Random project continues–today’s features Cincinnati Ohio

Today’s random folder was the fifth folder in the fifth folder and this is the fifth picture in that folder. It isn’t a very good picture which as I talked about P0000028yesterday the risk is not knowing where the picture is taken the other side of that is that it won’t be a good picture. Gwen’s face actually did extend to the end of her nose. Unlike this picture of her begging which I suspect was taken in the Kitchen of our house on Shafer.

Gwen was an interesting dog. Her personality was never really that of a family dog. She was a loner that just happened to hang out with a family. I remember countless times have to intercede with Gwen herding Jakki and her friends in the back yard.

The picture is from Cincinnati Ohio. Based on the flooring it was taken in our house on Shafer avenue. We lived on Shafer for about 5 years.


While in Cincinnati I started doing STEM outreach (later expanding that to STEAM and then CSTEAM). This was a class of kids I took the newly released Microsoft Barney kit to show them. We talked about the many potential things that robotics could accomplish.

Barney was a great tool to show the initial integration between a device, a computer and software. We would talk about what was possible with the tools, what happens with connectivity and the potential of software. The Barney tool has independent and dependent actions it could take. You could interact with it in a number of ways. I never hacked the device, although I have friends that did. I always wanted Barney to say Barney things. I suspect there are millions of children in the US that say please and thank you because of Barney.


Growing up going to Kings Island (an amusement park just north of Cincinnati Ohio) was a big deal. When we moved to Cincinnati we actually had season passes the first three years. That as things local often do wore off eventually. We went there a number of times in the nine years we lived in Cincinnati.

The most magical experience we had was when Jakki was a tiny baby and we went to see the Kings Island Festival of lights for the holidays. It was an amazing display of Christmas lights. You got to ride on the old town train in the park and see the lights. Jakki’s little eyes were wide open and staring in wonder.

They stopped doing the lights displays the next year so we never really got a chance to go back and see them again. They started up again many years later but we had moved to Greenwood Indiana by then and Kings Island had fallen prey to Six Flags over mid America in Louisville and Holiday world.


Family Historian

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