Oh mighty snow that falls my friend once, my enemy once but always a wonder…

I decided to do the Ouija board guided random today. I picked a folder and then decided on the number of the pictures I would talk about. Random Random ended up making a couple of really tough blogs to write.


The weather outside is frightful and that fire is sure delightful. Or so we would have sung this morning as we awakened to the Blizzard of 2007. There have been a few Blizzards over the years in Indiana. This was probably the deepest snow we had in a long time.

The snow started falling in the late afternoon the day before. There were 14 inches on the ground when we woke up that day. Snow is funny. It covers everything in a gentle white coating. I remember being young and rushing outside at my grandparents house in the winter. Snow covering the hill I grabbed the sled and spent the day outside tearing down the big hill behind my grandparents house. Hour after hour of sledding and fun.

Then one day my father handed me a shovel and said clear the driveway. Snow changed forever that day. No longer just the innocent purveyor of white cover.


Snow for a time became the enemy. The hated villain is a story that never ended. All winter long we would do battle snow and I. Once my great friend, hugging me as I rolled off the sled. Cold and yet it could be wet it would not always be wet it was perfect.

Covering everything now though it was the enemy. A battle not of wits of power and strength. I and my trusty shovel against the evil horde that was snow. I shall defeat you I would cry as I walked out the garage door to clear the driveway. You shall not win. But the snow always won. I could hate the snow with a passion but it would take my breath at times. Make me stop and look. Make me wonder. If you think about snow, it travels many miles from the clouds to the earth. It floats along on gossamer wings drifting with the wind and the will of the wind is the will of the snow so it drifts. In and out of clouds slowly falling to the ground. Then on the ground joining its brothers and sisters to unite in a blanket of clean snow.


That blanket of snow covering everything equally. Houses, streets and mailboxes. Lost in a sea of white snow. Oh it was my enemy so close so visceral. I had changed though not snow. I was the one that didn’t wake and rush outside to slide down a hill. I was the one that no longer spent hours outside enjoying the wonder. I pushed a snow blower and moved the snow off the driveway.

I shoveled the front walk so people could come to the door.

I changed and snow knew it. It twinkled at me, to remind oft of the fun we used to have. Here as the sun rises and the day begins with pristine perfection. There, there is snow I knew from my childhood. It was the same as it always had been. Me standing in the garage preparing to clear the driveway realizing snow was never the enemy. Snow had never changed. I had changed. In growing older I forgot that the wonder of snow is the magic of childhood.

For a moment I enjoyed the snow. Then my quiet was destroyed by my children shouting “school is cancelled, school is cancelled.” I turned my back to the noise and started the snow blower.


Family Historian

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