The Hills and Valleys of Brown County Indiana (and a couple of parking lots to boot!)


East and just a smidge south of Bloomington Indiana is the tiny tourist town of Nashville Indiana. Just south of what is Nashville proper is Brown County State Park. We went there often when I was a kid. There are hiking and camping places located all over that park. In 2009 we went to the park and stayed at the Inn. This picture is taken from the window of the room we were in.

Why a random person walking I do not know. I would like to think there was some logic to the pictures I take. But I am smart enough now to know that there isn’t always. The difference between a film photographer with 36 perfect shots and a digital photographer with virtually infinite shots is that you can afford to take the 40 or 50 shots like this that in the end are better fits as openings to a Faulkner novel than to a blog about a place and time. Plus parking lots and gravel roads are the stuff of which legends are made. Without gravel parking lots there would be no modern medicine and well you get that is a joke…


Still Brown County State Park and still from the Inn up in the room area. This is from my hand collection. Famous photographers are known for their various studies. They examine one topic over and over. They photograph that one thing and capture its essence. The beauty and elegance of that study is that the thing becomes part of history. Think of some of the most iconic photographs of all time.

So I am not a great photographer. Luckily with digital pictures I can take the 300 I need to get the one good shot. Versus a professional that can take 2 and have two perfect shots. Brown County is a beautiful place in Southern Indiana. The park is simply a wonder. I remember going there when I was camping more often. We would setup the tent and be under the stars. The park is filled with a large herd of deer and in the gloaming if you are careful and quiet they will walk right by you as if you weren’t there. Of course it is there world so you really aren’t there. Such beautiful creatures.


There are a number of cuts outs like this around the park. It feels like they shouldn’t do this. Cut down the natural beauty so that people can take pictures like this of the further away natural beautify. The hills are lovely. They represent the last bastion. Hills that were stronger than the last Ice Age. They are remnants of land that was pushed in front of the glaciers as they moved slowly to the south.

The park has many interesting trails. I think that is one of the best parts. Places you can walk to that show you Indiana the way it was when the Pioneers made to Indiana the New West. There are bits still there in the park and protected of Virgin Woods. Woods that were there before the Pioneers. We used to walk through those in amazement trees that  they were older than the city we lived in.

If you are ever in Southern Indiana and need to get away from the city – wander over to Nashville and then cross back through time into the Brown County State Park.


Family Historian

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