I was not born in Indiana but I bleed Cream and Crimson–GO HOOSIERS!!!!!


I grew up a fan of Indiana University. This image was taken by me from the old Knot Hole section of the IU’s Memorial Stadium. My friend Sean had scored tickets so we went. I only took a few pictures at the time I wish I had taken more. In the first half most of the action was right in front of us but it was Iowa’s offense. In the second half there was a lot of action but most on the other side of the field. IU had a couple of good drives in the second half so I snapped a few pictures of the IU offence.

When I was in Scouts we used to be Ushers for the football games. I was the worst Usher ever because once the game started I was no longer able to seat people. I was watching the game. Some of my happiest memories from long ago are sitting in the living room with my dad listening to the IU Game. Back then we didn’t get all the games on TV, frankly if IU played on TV twice in a year it was  a miracle year. We did over the course of my watching with dad go to a few holiday bowl games. I will never forget the Rose Bowl of 1969. Eating Chili and watching the game in the basement of our house.


This is Jeff Newton blocking a shot. Where IU Football was something I cared about, IU Basketball is something I am still crazy about. I watch as many games as I can. Based on Coach Knights teachings I break the game down. I watch the offence and defense and evaluate how well IU is doing.

Dad and I went to a number of games. Mom graciously gave up her seat about 1/2 the time so the two fanatics could go and enjoy the game. Dad was a passionate fan. I’ve shared my favorite Dad basketball story before so I won’t again, but I do recall dad and I playing basketball a lot until I was about 15. My dad never really could jump. At 15 I was as tall as he was and we were playing one on one in our neighbors yard on their court. The neighbor was an assistant coach of the IU Football team. Dad drove to the right to shoot and I blocked his shot. That was the last time we ever played basketball. He had stopped racing me in swimming a few years before that.

Its why I don’t play Halo with my children anymore. I can’t win. The last time we played I was in last place within 1 minute of the game starting. I can still beat that at athletic strategy games, but my days of being the best first person shooter in the house are long over.


I can honestly say I am as passionate now about IU Basketball as I ever have been. I do enjoy watching the high paced offence of Coach Crean. If you consider how badly the program was doing when he came in to take over and how well it is doing now – he’s done an amazing job.

We don’t live in Indiana anymore so now I watch games from afar. I don’t yell at the television like my father did, not because I am a better person rather my dog Dylan does not tolerate people who yell at televisions. He bites my feet and growls at me when I yell at the TV.

He doesn’t hate basketball just me yelling. He will sit with me and snuggle for the whole game, but if I yell the feet biting commences. He doesn’t bite hard but it tickles. Plus he bounces around so much I can’t grab him and I can’t see the television.


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Images from days gone by and cute little Larval creatures on the couch…


Sometimes as a parent there is peace. With twins sometimes they push each other so hard that they fall exhausted on the couch and sleep. Nature makes them so cute that this larval stage. I think that is because when they are in this sleeping larval stage they can be a handful.

Because 11 minutes after this nap was over they were up and running around the house screaming again. The good thing about the two of them is that from an early stage after their first year of life they slept through the night. The first year was tough on everyone. Then they became these little creature. They were a lot of fun at this age. No matter what they got into you could always pick them up and move them. Now, you can’t move them, you can’t pick them up and sometimes they are covered with prickly thorns. You discover the thorns by accident normally by well asking them to do something.


Our house on Eagle Trace well it’s the slide for the pool and a lot of Geese. Its funny because when we first moved in we really enjoyed the Geese. Then we found that the entire section of the yard by the lake was often covered with the post breakfast, lunch and dinner of the Geese. Those bloody geese ate well to. So it wasn’t as much fun. It was nice however having the pond there. No neighbors behind us other than Geese, Turtles and for a year or two Beavers.

We have amazing neighbors to the right of us from this picture but to the left of us when you came into our court the Cohen’s. You couldn’t ask for better neighbors. Harry and Peggy, and their daughter Brittany. We never got to know the neighbors on the other side very well. They kept to themselves. When the Cohen’s sold their house it was to a very nice family but it wasn’t the same. I guess that is what time is all about. Things change over time. You either adapt to the change or in the end you get caught up in the change and before you know it everything has changed and you don’t know where you are anymore.


This is the lighthouse on Lake Michigan just off the shore in Chicago. I have loved this lighthouse since I was a little kid. I suspect it is the first one I ever saw so there is that but it is one that I have captured 100 times.

I’ve taken pictures of this lighthouse from all four sides.

Lighthouses symbolize quiet to me. I used to think that being the lighthouse keeper would be the ultimate job. I like being around people but sometimes I just like to be alone. That would be the perfect job. Alone all day and then with people the rest of the time.

It probably isn’t that way in reality but in my mind that was the way it worked. The pictures for today are all old digital photos from the past 15 years. We stopped taking regular pictures in roughly 2005 but I switched to a digital camera in 1994.


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Jakki informed us that all parents are required by law to take their children to Disneyworld. I didn’t know that…


We like a lot of families took the pilgrimage to Disney World. We actually, in 200x went to the park and on the Disney Cruise Ship. I was skeptical about going on the cruise, but that ended up being the very best part of the entire experience. I had been to Disney World before (and once to Disneyland as well) so the overall park experience was kind of gone for me.

I am not a large crowds of people person by nature. Large crowds make me quiet and observant rather than my usual outgoing self. Speaking to a large crowd is fine, its being in and among the members of a large crowd that makes me nervous.

Anywhere here is the Bean enjoying the park. She was the instigator the first time we went. We were ruining her childhood by not taking her.


Yes we pushed the twins stroller all around Disney World. Yes, roughly 1/4 of the people that stopped us started the conversation with are they twins. Now we get that when we take the boys somewhere to do something that requires confirmation of age. Oh, are they twins was the rallying cry of everyone we ran into for years.

Yes they are twins.

Now the interesting reality of the two of them is that they are mirror twins. It’s a little odder than standard identical twins in that they are identical but they are also mirror opposites. One is left handed and the other is right handed. You see for years after the are they twins question was the are they identical question.

Yes they are identical mirror twins. By the way if you ever get to meet them, they hate being asked if they are twins.


We ended the Disney experience with the cruise. Again I have been to Disneyworld and Disneyland so I wasn’t excited about the entire trip, the Disney Magic (Cruise ship we were on) was amazing. Great food, extremely kid friendly experience and overall the best part of the entire trip.

We took Jakki to see the kids area when we first got on the cruise ship. She said I am not going to go there. That was the last time we saw her for the entire cruise. She was in the kids area the entire time, we had to practically drag her out for family meals.

I guess she liked it.

The cruise ended and we spent a day at Universal and then headed home to Indiana.


Scott Andersen

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Of trips and sights and horrible messes…

Mom and dad did the sailing cruise a few years ago. You know, you pay them and then work on the boat. Albums111Dad always loved boats. He never owned one other than a canoe. We got the canoe when I was a little kid. We used to pack it on top of the old Mercury station wagon and take off.

We explored ponds and lakes all over the Lake Monroe area of Southern Indiana. Eventually we got a second canoe one was a square back the other a traditional canoe. You can put a small motor on the square back canoe. We didn’t but it was possible.

We went up to Galyans in Indianapolis Indiana to get the canoes. I loved going to Galyans. It was an amazing sporting goods store. Filled with camping and outdoors supplies. I remember wandering around the aisles thinking about the different things I wanted. It was sort of like a real life Sears Wishbook.


A picture of dad watching the ducks. When we visited Ireland in 1971 dad was scrambling over some rocks to take pictures of the geese that were there. What happened next, which I got to watch play out in front of me from a safe distance was hilarious. Dad scrambled a little too close to a momma goose and she took off after dad. There are no pictures of this because I didn’t have a camera. But dad started getting out of where he was, the goose was chasing him. His camera flying, moving as quickly as he could to get away.

The goose didn’t catch him but I did get in trouble for laughing. I didn’t fall on the ground but I did LOL. I think I probably would have gotten in a lot of trouble for an ROFL.

Dad was always careful around geese after that. He kept his distance and used a telephoto lens when he wanted to take pictures.


We will end with Megan and Matt finger painting. I am shocked mom did this frankly. What a mess. The kids loved it and had a lot of fun. But it was a mess. When I was a school teacher I had three simple rules.

  1. If school ended at 3:15 pm – all parties started at 3 pm. Sugar ‘em up and send them home!
  2. Cupcakes/cookies had to be store bought. You have no idea how many parents smoked, and smoked while they were baking – yuck.
  3. No finger painting in my classroom, ever.

Those simple rules were easy to keep and I didn’t have to worry about the impact on me. The mythical sugar high isn’t the problem. Its after your body converts to quickly consuming sugar as an energy source and there is no more sugar to convert that is the problem.


Scott Andersen

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Just another shameless review–Quell

We live in the age of connection. The more we connect the more connections there are. Recently I injured my shoulder. Well I aggravated a previous injury and made it worse. Between carrying a backpack and the various tugs and pulls my upper arm started hurting all the time. I tried ice and heat a variety of different ways I even got to the point of applying patches to my upper arm so I could sleep at night.

The new thing doctors recommend is electric stimulation. Enter Quell. A Bluetooth device that offers an electronic stimulation regime for your arms and legs.

What I like:

  • Device is small
  • Charge and go – simply plug in the power pack and away you go
  • Easily attached to the pain point.
  • Lasts a week on one charge
  • gel pads are easy to attach to the main unit
  • software is nice, let’s you see what is going on with your


The system is one hour on one hour off. You can see where you are with the treatment in the software. You will feel a slight buzzing wherever you have the unit attached. Nothing painful just a buzzing feeling.

What I don’t like

  • The replacement pads (must be replaced every two weeks or so) are expensive.

So first off this hasn’t solved my pain. I am in that ticklish spot where I do not know if my arm is getting better. It hurts more now than it did. But it hurts more quickly now than before. So its hard to tell is it getting better or worse. I am going to try it on my chronic knee once my upper arm feels better and see if it will help there.

Overall – great product, easy to use. It is a growing home market. The device works well, is small and charges via USB cable. You can wear it under your shirt (upper arm) and it only bulges out a little so you could wear it all day. I am only wearing it in the mornings when I get ready to move for my day. So its on about an hour overall.

Great product (yes it’s a Kickstarter/Indiegogo project). https://www.quellrelief.com/ 


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow)

Images of Lake Ripley and other family vacation spots!


During the winter on the lake we would fly down the hill on sleds. This image of Barb and Mom playing in the snow. Behind them and to the right a little is I believe the Hartel’s cottage. A house is insulated and has a furnace. A cottage may not have a furnace. Mom said that first winter where they stayed in the Hartel’s cottage was cold.

At the base of the hill was the lake. It would be frozen solid by the time we got to Grandpa and Grandma’s house in the winter. 12 or more inches of ice. We would grab the sleds instead of the fishing poles when we got there and tear down the hill all day. There also wasn’t an argument about the captains hat because well mom wouldn’t let us take off our hoods so we couldn’t wear our favorite hats. Sometimes Grandpa would hook the toboggan to the tractor and take us out on the ice with the tractor pulling the toboggan around.

We would be out there for hours and then come in for hot cocoa. Well I would be out there for hours up and down the hill. I loved sledding. Actually I just loved the lake. It was a life I grew very accustomed to in my childhood.


We had the fortune of going to Disneyland (the picture by the way is reversed and well I didn’t take the time to fix it). We spent the day at the happiest place on earth. Dad had a convention or a meeting for NSTA in L.A.. We stayed at one of his former students apartment, I don’t remember why the student wasn’t there at the time. We went to Universal and Disneyland on that trip.

There is magic in that park. I’ve been there several times over the years, once as an adult without kids (and that is a different experience). I remember hitting the park and wandering around. We even went to the magic shop. Years later I found out that Steve Martin had actually worked at that magic shop there in Disneyland. Made that trip even cooler!


Beaver Island Michigan, located in the middle of Lake Michigan. A fairly large island that you get to from Traverse City. Over the years developers tried several times to create a thriving tourist business there. Or perhaps vacation homes. It was a wonderful island.

Historical Fact: America had a Civil War long before there was a Civil War in the 1860’s. There was a Civil War fought in Michigan in the 1840’s. It started because of a lost gubernatorial race. It was historically America’s first Civil War. In the end that war like the other 20 years later was settled and we moved on.

Still Beaver Island is a magical place. Like Oak Island in the Atlantic Ocean there is legend of treasure. I think the treasure is really cold water.


Scott Andersen

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Images of 3 Thanksgiving Celebrations!


From the family thanksgiving celebration in 2000. We had moved back to Greenwood the previous fall (October 1999) from Cincinnati Ohio. In this picture you see someone trying to escape via the back door in mom’s dining room at Kinser Pike.

Nick and Luke were always pressing buttons, turning things on and trying to open doors. I think it is part of being technologists even at this young age. I remember a conversation once with a person that had triplets. First off he was the only person that didn’t ask how do you handle twins. My pat answer for that was grab them by the scruff of the neck before they dart off in separate directions. But how do you deal with triplets? You end up being one hand short of success in the end.

We never did have to find out about triplets. Thank goodness for that. I would have gone insane I suspect.


Dad and the boys Thanksgiving 2001. Now sitting in the sewing room. Well what once was the sewing room. I am sure the new owners made it into something else completely. Dad and mom always had space for each other’s hobbies in every house they owned. Dad usually had an office in the house for working on weekends. But his area was normally the entire yard. Mom had a sewing room. I don’t remember if she had a sewing room on Dunstan drive, I think she just used space in the dining room for her machine. But every house after that had a sewing room. The sewing rooms and offices got bigger as the years went on.

The wall behind them in this picture was often called the wall of fabric. There were bins of various fabrics, colors and types. The kids would spend hours pouring over them selecting just the right colors for the squares of quilts they were making. A few days later their new quilt would be hanging in the back yard drying and dad would snap a picture of it and stick the picture in his massive pile of quilt pictures.


We spent Thanksgiving 2004 down in Tallassee Florida. Visiting Les and Joan Ralstin as well as Jay and Elizabeth Ralstin. This is taken on Jay and Elizabeth’s horse farm. We had a wonderful Thanksgiving in Jay’s old house in Tallassee and then headed out to see the future home/farm.

This picture is taken before the new house was finished. We came down the next year and got to see the house. The barn was already in place by the time of this picture.

The kids loved roaming around the soon to be horse farm. I think Jakki would have moved in had that been an option. She loves horses and all animals to this day. If you are in the Northern DC community area and need a dog sitter she has opened her own dog sitting business. It is something she has wanted to do for a long time. You can tell it makes her happy!


Scott Andersen

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