Breakfast in Paradise (please pass the iPhone)….

Nick at the Paradise Bay breakfast area. The food was ok, but I had switched to only fruit by the time we were there so it didn’t bother me as much. I tried P8100335the eggs a couple of times but like I said it was ok. We had a refrigerator so we ate in the room mostly anyway. We did use the facility grill to make steak and tuna one night. That was amazing.

I took the boys up to the breakfast area a couple of times. This particular time we were sitting and relaxing before heading out on a morning walk. That I she beauty of vacation. You don’t have to cram a day and a 1/2 into a day. You can walk in the morning and relax instead of heading off to work.

I think you end up recharging your batteries for work. I know part of me was glad to be back at work. The rest of me wanted to stay in Hawaii for a few more years.


Luke. The two of them are evolving into arms with cellular phones attached. Actually I am kidding. They put their phones down often, although on the cruise they did kind of stay in their stateroom a lot.

Like I said previously the breakfast food was OK. They had fresh fruit so I was in heaven. But the boys missed the occasional sausage with their eggs. The resort catered to their vegan guests with a vegan breakfast protein as well as a traditional protein. But the traditional protein tended to be more turkey bacon than regular bacon. The boys were looking for the ship’s breakfast buffet where there were two and three different kinds of protein every single breakfast.  I did that heavy breakfast as well the first day but never again.


yes, I do often take the same picture some 30 seconds after the first one. Partly because I can, and partly because it annoys Nick and Luke tremendously.

Someday I hope, they will look back on the legacy of pictures their Great-Grandfather, Grandfather and father left them. A legacy of images that they can sift through and remember the good and the bad.

I suspect that they will enjoy them. But not for a few years. When I was little my sister and I used to race for my Grandfathers photo’s. I wish those were digitized now. I miss seeing those pictures of my family when they were younger. We have a few of those pictures but much less than 5%. I miss thumbing through those pictures of the 1920’s.


Missing Hawaii…

Sometimes the pictures are bad. But share them, the world needs to see the world through your eyes!

P8090331There were once two glum boys whose father tortured them by making them go on a walk in Hawaii. He even downloaded the Indiana Jones whip sound app on his iPhone and walked behind them taking pictures. Actually my dad did that a lot. There are a number of pictures he took from behind the rest of us. Until we banned him from walking behind us (because he would say walk faster, walk faster)!

This is walking along the ocean road we took several times. It was a beautiful walk.  The first day we walked it misted off and on. It never really rained. In the tropics when it rains the sky opens open and water falls from heaven. Buckets of water, I have never been as wet as the first time I was outside when it rained in Thailand. I stood there and within 2 seconds I was soaked, not through my clothes but to the bone itself. Due to the hurricane that was off the islands as we were there the sky was gray a lot. But gray skies in Paradise aren’t a problem.


But, being a somewhat less than average photographer I am, I can screw up pictures in paradise. Here here a nice in focus picture of the hand loop cable of the camera. Notice the fine detail and exceptional attention to making sure that paradise is blurred and the cable is clean, crisp and red.

Nice picture of a white truck as well. We don’t have white trucks in Maryland or for that matter anywhere I’ve ever been. So it was a unique picture snapped of Paradise.

Wow. Thank goodness the cost of this photo wasn’t a 30 cents. And other than my blog this photo will never see the light of day, again!


Time is a fleeting moment. One that we cannot capture just one that we can see and touch for a time. Again, in the corner the strap of the camera. Ruined a really good shot.

My father took a lot of pictures. I found, in viewing what my kids scanned and in blogging about his pictures that he didn’t share most of his pictures. There were 1000’s of pictures we never saw. Some of them were amazing. But they were filed away and never shared. In scanning them they are already being shared. But again, as Carpenters song says, “don’t worry if its not good enough.”

Share your photographs. Dig into that box, that drawer and scan them. If you use your cellular phone to take pictures shard ether with someone. Text them to a friend, email them to a family member, share them with the world. There nothing sadder than a picture that is never seen.

Even, if you can’t take a great picture. Don’t be a critic be an art lover. See the beauty in what you are trying to capture. If the picture sucks – tell them the story. Walking along the ocean in Hawaii I decided to snap a picture of the cord that connects my camera to my wrist!


Just do it!

Images from a walk taken in Hawaii…


We took walks along the coast 4 of the 5 mornings we stayed at Paradise Bay. This is a view from the walk that we took a couple of times. I think this was about a mile or so down the road from the resort. About a mile beyond this there was a beautiful state park.

I do get great pictures every once in awhile. But my promise is to share all of the pictures (well most of them I skip a number of repeats._

The boys and I were the only ones that went on the walks which is fairly normal. There are a few walks that Jakki joins us to walk her dog but for the most part it is the boys and I walking. We often use that as time to talk about the world and things that the boys are curious about.


The thing about Hawaii, take 10 steps get a better view. Again from our walk. Literally 10 maybe 20 feet past the other. Looking over the same beach and a different tree just a little further.

In the part we were working the ocean was more of a working place than a pleasure place. These weren’t beaches with tourists hanging on them, resting and drinking Mai Tai’s. There were lots of small boats to go out into the ocean and catch dinner or lunch.

Its different when you realize that people make part of their living or use the ocean there for survival. To supplement or to in the case of people native to Hawaii continue the traditions of thousands of years.

P8090316If you search this picture very carefully you will find spider crabs. I didn’t see them first Luke did. (He was very happy that he saw the spider crabs first). They are hard to see and there are a couple of pictures taken on a different day that are slightly better. Still they were fun to watch for a moment. The only issue was that they were in the drainage area that was next to the road. So for us to stand and search for the crabs for a long time was a little risky.

So you will notice the picture is a little blurry.

We don’t have many crabs running around in WDC. Well we do but they tend towards congregating in restaurants and often are covered in old bay seasoning. Maryland is famous for blue crab. Smile


Hawaiian Wanderer…

They start out tiny. Growing they start to talk. Suddenly one day not only do they make sense but the ideas are great. That is why you become a parent…


In the distance you see the island that was on the other side of paradise bay. There are a number of small islands that are owned by  people so they aren’t open to visit. There was a time (base don the Paul Simon lyrics) that I wanted to own my own island. I am a rock, I am an island. But that passed. Now I just want to have a boat again!

This is one of my rare really well framed and shot pictures. I, don’t have the eyes my kids do for pictures. All three of them take much better pictures than I do. I am cool with that. They borrow my camera and away they go. When they aren’t taking pictures I take some. That I think is the one thing they don’t tell you about kids. Sure they can be annoying. Frankly it is frustrating when you say do something and they look at you like you’ve just asked them to kill someone.


Then suddenly you will be out walking with your kids and they will have opinions. Maybe they aren’t the ones you share so you futz with the edges of their argument and you find that the thoughts are well reasoned and actually might be right. They become human beings in front of your eyes. You realize that this creature that you have nurtured and protected may not need that any more. That this creature now can open its wings and fly.

So you probe to see how deep and far the ideas go. That is the thing they don’t tell you about having children. When they become people. Children are always human and should be protected. But at some point in time they become more than human resources. More than just a body with a mind. They become people you want to know.


People with great ideas and ways to solve problems. Conversations break out and you realize that these little people that you are part of creating could have more potential than you ever did. That their capacity for good might not only exceed yours but may have even started out as more.

I knew the first view was good. I took iterations of it. The joy of digital photography when you find a good shot take it OFTEN!!!!! So I did take quite a few of this one and the first one. With both cameras and at various times of the day. There were subtle variations from the morning shot to the afternoon and then evening and night shot. I did take a couple at night but with the Canon as it as a better lens and ability to handle low light. The point and shoot does wonders but not in low light.


Proud Parent

To be young and fearless…

The act of being fearless. It is a gift to be young and fearless. There is nothing in the world you can’t try and P8080233nothing in the world you won’t do. We all have that gift to a degree in our youth. It is less the act of thinking about where we are and more the act of simply being in the place we are.

Technology adds so many possible things we can do that in the end are not filled with fear. We can do the things we think about, the dreams we dream. It seems strange now to not consider them. The world of action cameras has exploded. My daughter who took this photo is not afraid of taking pictures underwater. She is not afraid of the act of expression with the camera. I was for many years. I took a lot of bad pictures and it was expensive. When it costs money for film and money to develop the pictures it is a significant investment in time, and cost. But now you can simply take the picture and you don’t worry about it.


Fearless means willingness to try. Above one of the most fearless people I know my niece Megan Misner. I cannot nor have I ever met a more fearless person. With the voice of an angel when she sings. And sadly an evil laugh. The next picture I would have never taken.

First of all I am not even sure how you take that picture. That is a mixture of above and below the surface of the pool. An expression of the human state of being in the water (it is in us) and out of the water (we walk the dry earth). An expression of the primordial sea within us, and the dry air we live in.

These are wonderful fearless moments captured by Jakki and Megan. Impressive in the very fearless nature of simply playing with a device. Capturing a moment that was two people that grew up together hanging out.

The moment where play meets the world and says Hello! Two amazing young ladies (not sure where the third amazing young lady is Courtney, she must have been relaxing on the side of the pool).

Ending back at our cottage/cabin. Nestled on the shore of Paradise Bay. One of the things that this pP8080287lace reminded me of was Lake Ripley. I spent a lot time there as a child. My grandparents had cottages on the other side of the road from the lake on which they lived. In front of the cottages was a cherry tree but that didn’t make it into the picture it was cut down when I was 7 or 8 years old.

The resort as Grandma called it, allowed the people renting the cottages access to Lake Ripley. Some of them brought boats that they docked on the pier. Some of them came every year. I had a couple of friends from Rockville Illinois that came to the resort every year. It was an amazing place, much like what Paradise Bay was. Amazing.


Remembering Lake Ripley

Hi, my name is Scott. I work for Paradise Bay Resort Marketing. You’ve reached our reservation line…

Sometimes places have names thatP8090305 well are meant as a joke. Hell and Armpit are cities with a sense of humor. This is from Paradise Bay Hawaii. While at times marketing can oversell something I think, that Paradise Bay is actually guilty of under-marketing the beauty and wonder of the bay. In this distance the other shore. The very edge of the picture framed against the tree is the volcano.

Simply an amazing place. The bay wasn’t as pleasant. I wouldn’t have walked out to swim in the bay here. But just 3 miles down the road was a gorgeous state park. The park had a simply amazing beach. There was also a park literally down the street but that beach was well strewn with debris and was about 3 feet wide.

To the left is a small jutting piece of land. Nothing on it no houses just chickens. To the right other parts of the resort we were at and a couple of private houses. I wonder if your happiness increases coming home to a place like Paradise Bay after a long day of work or if it is even harder to leave in the morning and go to work because you are leaving Paradise Bay.


Same picture moved just a little to the left. Our house/apartment/cottage sat right at the opening to the small river/inlet that went back to the pool area of the resort. Again. because it was more like a river it wasn’t clean. The resort had Kayaks you could borrow and wander off into the ocean. There was, around to the right a sand bar. The boys and I walked to it a couple of mornings. It was a beautiful sandbar. I remember the sandbar we played on in Bangkok Thailand. Well actually the sandbar was at Pataya. We would wake up at low tide and the sand bar would be there. We played cricket on that sand bar. I’ve talked about that memory before. I even scanned a picture in which there were only two of the 6 people in the picture left alive now.

But this was beautiful. Restful was the best part. I woke up in the morning feeling refreshed. I did try to stay as close to my normal time to avoid jet lag. So every night right around 9 pm I crashed and I got up at 5 am. It is a small trick and it doesn’t work but at least I think it does.


Now moving just a little bit to the right. Dad always said to frame pictures. I have to take a lot to get a good one. Here is the one good one I got out of the 10 or so I took this particular morning. Volume sometimes make up for talent, but that only works with digital cameras and cellular phones. Although, I do have the same picture taken with my iPhone and frankly you can see why at best they are mediocre camera’s. The point and shoot, which isn’t really a great camera took a significantly better picture.

We have sadly moved to the phase of digital photography where good enough is good enough. That is for the moment sad but there nothing that can be done about that. But if you consider the reality of cellular camera it is also with you more often. So while we are moving towards mediocre pictures more people will take more pictures capturing more events because of the cellular camera so in the end that is a good thing. I just wish I could take pictures as well as my father did.


Hawaiian Paradise Bay Marketing specialist

Underwater images and an island full of chickens….

My kids in particular Jakki have always liked taking pictures. Its why many years ago I first got a “tough” camera. I tried a number of them and while they P8080219were all nice I kept coming back to the Olympus TG series. This is why. It is a camera that while not as great a picture as my Canon 5ds takes, it takes a very good picture. It is unlike my Canon more versatile. In particular it takes pictures up to 30 feet underwater. And you can drop it and it won’t break. This is on the bottom of the pool at the Paradise Bay Resort.

It actually looks like a real mantis except they don’t have patterns on their backs. Well they do there is no such thing and one color uniform on any animal, but they don’t have geometric patterns on their backs. This is from the first day at the resort a bunch of the kids went swimming. The boys and I went on a walk, and Jakki borrowed the camera to take pictures of everyone swimming.

She has a better eye for pictures than I do. She has more my dad’s eye. I take a lot more pictures than she does so in the end we both capture the moment, but she is able to add something to the moment I cannot.


It takes great underwater pictures. That is the value of a specialized camera. This image I suspect was taken by Megan underwater of Jakki. The face is impressive.

Man the cool pictures we could have gotten with a camera like this 40 years ago. We were on, in or near Lake Ripley for hours at a time. Imagine the great childhood pictures we could have made back then. The sight of Lynne pulling a fish from the lake. Images of Grandpa taking us on the boat. Moments that are only shards of memories now because we don’t have the pictures of all of them. Some we have, but most are lost to only remembering.

With our trip to Hawaii we took 3500 plus pictures. Not including the pictures taken by other people just Jakki the boys and I. If you think about a film camera that is nearly 100 rolls of file (or close to 2200 dollars developed). Someday in the future when the family gets together we will be able to share these moments and others. That is the why of the family history project. Not that there are or were memories. But that more and more of the moments, the memories can be captured and replayed later for everyone to remark and remember. It becomes an expansion of the experience to be able to share the pictures. I cannot forget the moment because it is right here. In pure Kodachrome to quote the Paul Simon song. A color palette of memory laid before us in perfect color.


After the last big Hurricane thousands of Chickens were set free. No one ever really rounded them all up and so they without natural predators became island residents. They are everywhere. This particular guy loved to sit under Jakki’s window and announce that morning had broken. Sadly his internal clock was not the same as the external sun rise so he started around 4 in the morning.

Jakki, doesn’t like birds, and at one point arose from her bed searching for a knife and eventually a chicken to plunge it into. Luckily she was unable to find a sharp knife.

It is one of the joys of life. It is also one of the huge impacts of humans. While the chickens are not a huge environmental risk per se, they do represent man’s impact on the environment. Over time these subtle changes will lead to larger changes. But after a hurricane you don’t really feel like spending hours chasing chickens. So as is the way of the world the chickens run free.


Waxing Poetic…

Dinner and Paradise Resort…


My mother and youngest sister on the cruise ship eating dinner. One of the fun parts of a cruise is the meals. Not the food, it was ok not great but having time to sit, relax and enjoy a meal with family. There are restaurants that come with the cruise and the premium restaurants. We actually did the Jakki tradition and went to the on board Brazilian steakhouse one evening.

For the first time ever Luke and I both ate more meat than Jakki did at a  Brazilian steakhouse. She said it didn’t count. I think it does and history will remember the public blog!

So sorry Jakki, Luke and I beat you!


Hawaii is amazing. You forget that it is a tiny island in the middle of the ocean when you are coming off a ship. It isn’t that you don’t notice the water its that once you are off the ship on dry land for a second the fact that it is an island fades away.

Like my father, even though I used to tease him about this fact, I love the tropics. I love the weather, I love sweating and I love the food. So, did dad. His favorite place on earth was Bangkok. I can’t blame him there are few finer places on this planet.

This actually however comes from after we had left the cruise I believe and is from the resort pool where we stayed for a few extra days of paradise.


Jakki took these on our first day at Paradise Bay resort. A wonderful place to stay on the island of Oahu. The cabins/rooms were very nicely appointed and other than the fact you had to go down 1/2 a mountain to get to the lower residences it was a wonderful place.

This is the pool area. They had a pool, hot tub, private beach area although the sand and the water had an embankment between them. Plus a dock for boats and wonderful views. I woke up every morning we were there and blogged on the deck. I learned traveling a long time ago to stay as close to your normal schedule as possible. Once you adapt to local time, you have to adapt again to your home time. Plus I am like my father and my grandfather, I go to bed early and get up early. Early birds catch the worm or in my case early birds produce somewhat grammar free blogs. I do try but this early you are lucky my words are spelled correctly.

More from the ship as we sailed away…

Looking backwards towards the island we left. This picture from August 7, 2015 and you can see the impact of the last stages of Hurricane Guillermo. It was P8070146down to a tropical depression at this point but the cloud cover was huge. The Ocean was a bit rough and the non-water people in the family didn’t do as well.

I think I could live on water.

The trip to the various islands of Hawaii was fun. There were a couple of dinners that the service was average and the food wasn’t the best I’ve ever had no a cruise. But the fruit was fresh and I stopped eating big breakfasts after the first day on the ship. I switched to pineapple and melon for breakfast.

There are many more things to do on a cruise ship that you realize. The Pride of America doesn’t have a Casino as many of the boats do. But it has all sorts of activities and things to do. There is, at the aft of the boat an adult pool and adult hot tub. I know because it was right below the cigar bar.


This is looking from the front portion to the port side of the ship, back towards the aft and the pool area. Plus you can see the fading island in the background. For the most part the ship traveled open water at night. It was hilarious at times as I would lose cellular signal for 4-8 hours or more. Then suddenly it would come back as we came closer to one of the Hawaiian Islands and I would get a flood of messages. One time I got a bunch and then lost connectivity so I ended up with no way to reply.

It also by the way drains your cell batteries, really badly.

It was nice to get away from devices for a bit and recharge though. I didn’t think about anything but relaxing and climbing stairs for several days. We did end up climbing 100 stairs in a day. That leaves me with only one FitBit badge I haven’t earned 30,000 steps in a day. That is one I want to get but that is close to 10 miles + of walking (making 13/14 miles so I have to prep a bit)


I wonder what sailors though 200 years ago as they looked back towards land. Knowing they might not ever see land again. That as they sailed away they might be sailing away to a new world never to return. Or worse that they would be taken by the sea. A vengeful mistress that seeks the living.

Today as we pull away from port we ca. still talk. In fact you don’t lose cell service until you are a good 10-15 miles off shore. So you can continue to say goodbye for up to an hour after leaving port. And occasionally as you float through the islands you get service. It is the same thing that people used to have to deal with when traveling. When airplanes first flattened the world, cellular phones didn’t exist. With time zones and cost I think we called my grandparents once or maybe twice when we lived in Thailand.

Now, pending time zone differences you can call home multiple times a day. You can stay connected to the world that is home, while still working in the world that is work. Amazing. Not as forlorn as you pull out of port.



Things I didn’t know my father actually taught me…well until I realized them staring at pictures of Hawaii…


From the sea everything looks differently. It does when you transition to being a practicing driver as well (the boys finally have their learner’s permits and we are beginning that process). Perspective is the one piece that always changes.

When Jimmy Carter was running for president (Get Well Soon Sir!) he talked about family dinners where he would argue either side of an argument. First off, I am a huge fan of Mr. Carter. But that was something that I personally have striven for since hearing it. Don’t be able to argue your argument, be able to flip sides and see what the other argument is about.

Dad always taught me to consider my bias also. Beyond knowing both sides to consider what point I start from and make sure that I have room to move. To be willing to listen.


Not mind you that as a teenager dad and I ever considered either the other’s position nor the other’s bias. He and I had a storm relationship for a couple of years. I would say as much from my immaturity as from dad patiently trying to teach me that I wasn’t as smart as a I though I was.

The good thing is we emerged friends on the other side of the arguments. So, one of the perspectives I had from Hawaii. From the boat to shore. I used the wrong camera, the point and shoot is better for close action. I should have gotten the canon, but when I am out walking I tend not to carry the larger camera. It does add a good five pounds to the neck and shoulder area.


So the three pictures today are from about 45 feet apart. The first taken near the door of the 6th deck. The others taken slightly down the deck on our walk. Each one is just a little different than the last.

If you can tell – I can because I remember taking them. If you look at them long enough you will see subtle differences. It is those subtle differences that comprise perspective. And yes, everyone is always wrong. That is the one thing I learned in my consulting career. Everyone starts out and ends out wrong. The only way to right is to build consensus. Where no one person is isolated. The right answer isn’t that someone “doesn that” from time to time. The right answer is an honest consideration of your own position that leads to some common ground. If someone offers you a way out with dignity, take it. There is no more wrong position than walking away from a way out with dignity.


Perspective Warrior