Vacation is nearly over, back from Hawaii and uploading thousands of pictures….

Running late today for more reasons than I can shake a stick at. In part because I upgraded to Windows 10 and in part because I am running behind today. First off for the first time in a long time, back all the way to well never, the upgrade from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 – was seamless. Over the years I’ve had a few seamless upgrades and a few, stop redo everything and start over.

Today the big change was some settings were different/.

That slowed me down a bit but overall the experience was clean and simple. I have had some horrible upgrade experiences. Like back in the day when a pocket pc phone update came out and you had to reload everything. You learned if you had more than 10 apps to do a backup before upgrading in those days. So far the overall experience is good and I am enjoying some of the cool new features.

We returned this morning from our family vacation to Hawaii. We had a blast. I was only able to take around 3000 pictures of the experience. Sadly I used my new Canon 5DS so most of the images won’t appear on this blog. I will have to convert some of them to smaller resolution jpeg files. Right now many of them are huge and its hard to post huge graphics files on WordPress blogs (or any other blog for that matter) they slow down the reader significantly.

I am restarting the family history blogs on Monday. I am not sure if that is good news or bad news. I do know that my family history blogs are read more than some of my other blogs. Although some of my other blogs tend to be better in the long run (have many more views over time). But the family history blogs are important to me, sharing my memories of what happened. I find they aren’t always the only memory of the situation or scenario.

Anyway, time to unpack my office and my suitcase. Vacation is over, time to get back to the grind.


Family Historian.

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