The days of Windows 10 are here….

So far the Windows 10 experience continues to impress. First off things that previously weren’t as effective in Windows 8.1 including the touch interface are much better now. It, by it I mean my windows tablet, now operates more like an iPad. While I understand that iPad’s and Android Tablets weren’t the first nor are they a defacto standard in effect they have become the standard. Windows 8.1 was a better touch OS, but Windows 10 has really made touch worth having.

Now part of the value for me right now is Windows 10 unlocking additional features of my Lenovo Helix. I love my convertible tablet so it makes the conversion easier. I will evaluate the applications I like to use on the Lenovo to see if any of them break. There are three or four applications that are critical path for me including Dragon and Systran. Hopefully those still work. Systran isn’t working with 64 bit office yet which is annoying so I have to downgrade and reinstall. But Dragon is really critical.

I do love the new start menu that combines the best part of Windows 7 and the best part of Windows 8.1 in the start having all applications but now tiled. Microsoft Edge is a very fast browser that blows away IE. I am still a Chrome fan so we shall see how that works.

So initial impressions – I love the upgrade process screen (A circle telling you how much of the upgrade is completed). I love the offline upgrade so you can do that when you are ready. Everything seems to be working perfectly but more testing will be required. Touch works really well now. I have no incompatible devices, which I could no say when I jumped to windows 7.

Overall a good experience on my first upgrade. I have a couple more to go. Two of the systems left for upgrade are a big deal as they are currently running VMware Workstation for my cloud stuff. So I will have to research those upgrades before leaping forward.

Happy for now – testing applications begins today.


Windows 10 user

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