Views from Hawaii…


You, if you fly a lot, often see the FedEx or UPS planes as you taxi from the runway to the terminal. They are there but normally they are off to one side or tucked into a corner of the airport. You don’t think or see them often because you don’t really wander around that part of the airport often.

In a harbor you are more likely to see the actual working pieces of the harbor. Here we have a barge that contains soil, it allows the harbor to expand the levy to the right and increase the storage area of the dock. Being a larger ship we docked on the outside of the harbor. It was fun to stop and watch what they were doing in this working harbor. Once, the harbor was the only way to move goods around the world.


The view from the aft of the ship, the bar on the 13th floor. It was an incredibly good view. The sky was overcast on this day but it didn’t matter. I was on vacation. I was in Hawaii.

Also, this bar had a nice selection of cigars, beer and scotch so life was perfect. Awesome bar staff also, which made it even more pleasant. Plus it was on top of the ship tucked away in the back and you could see the world.

It seems now, only a little over a week later that this was a lifetime ago. Luckily with this blog and the next few I get to relive those moments and keep them fresh in my mind.


Those aren’t mountains, those are volcano’s. Welcome to Hawaii. If you think about that Volcano it is sitting on top of the island. The island is entirely made up of well eruptions of the volcano’s. But the Volcano’s actually stretch from here, above sea level all the way down to the ocean floor.

So while they may only be 4-5000 feet tall here, in reality they are much taller than that.

They are also cool. We live normally near the mountain range that once held the early colonists on the east coast of the US. They are large rolling hills caused by two continental plates colliding and pushing ground upward. These in the picture are made by molten magma bursting forth into the air and adding layer after layer to the earth.



Hawaii vacation guide

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