Dylan’s all time favorite walks. (he is tired of me posting family pictures he says they are boring).


Today’s topic was requested by Dylan. He believes that I spend too much time talking about vacation and other things that he doesn’t always get to participate in (he is still angry about not being invited to Hawaii). So he requested that I write a blog called Dylan’s favorite walks.

The first image here is of the C&O canal walk. There are a number of trails (we’ve been on two of them there are probably another 30 more). Dylan loves this walk because of three factors. First of all it is the walk and above all things Dylan loves the walk. He kind of marched into our lives and took charge of the walk. The second factor is that the we were away from home and took a car-car ride to get to the walk-walk-walk. Double pleasure in Dylan’s eyes. Finally and perhaps most important and why he choose this picture-lots of Have That’s. This is Dylan’s all time favorite walk – along the C&O canal.


This walk Dylan selected is from the Cabin John park. It has a wonderful dog park, Dylan loves meeting other dogs. You have to take a car-car ride to get to the park so that works in Dylan’s eyes. He really likes the long car-car rides where you stop at the box that talks for food as well. This walk also had a nice trail near the river.

Dylan’s only concern was that it was a Have That free zone. He felt that lessened the overall quality of the walk by not being able to at least threaten to catch a Have That.

He did like the dog park.  The car-car ride was good. Plus there was a walk-walk-walk so that was his second favorite walk. Cabin John.


Dylan loves the beach. It is a long car-car ride. A stop at the box that talks and getting food and a walk-walk-walk along the beach. This is Dylan and Nick in North Carolina. Dylan loves to get in the water. He loves the ocean surf. Here is Dylan with Nick, Nick restraining Dylan from having run of any kind.

This was the first vacation with Raven. At the time Dylan and Raven were still settling into a routine. Now they are best buddies and both love the walk. Dylan and I make a point to take the occasional walk just the two of us still.

The only problem with the beach was the utter lack of Have That’s. Dylan thinks any creature he could catch and eat is a have that. Rabbits, deer and the most hated of all squirrels are considered potential snacks. Raven agrees. This is the beach at Oak Island North Carolina and Dylan’s all time third favorite walk.


Dylan’s walk coordinator

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