Just another shameless review: Update on Control 4 home automation project

First off, the image on the left is of the Control4 home screen but is not of my home screen it is a stock image. You can access the home automation system from your iPad, iPhone, Android phone, Android Tablet, Windows PC or from dedicated tablets and from your television with the Control4 remote.

Home automation projects run the gamut. People seek a variety of different automation systems to fix a variety of problems. The easy projects are creating connections to lighting and electric outlets. Or automating your garage doors.

What I like:

  • First off with the system you have the ability to add the Control4 remote. I highly recommend that universal remote. First because it allows you to control your home automation system from your television. Second because it just makes everything operate smoothly.
  • Secondly I recommend getting the integrated screens that always display the system screen. It makes using and operating the system easy and includes an audio/video intercom for you home.
  • Control4 is expandable. We’ve added several components beyond our ordinal installation and Control4 is able to adapt to them quickly.
  • Our automation partners Smart Home Automation of Gaithersburg are amazing.

What I don’t like:

  • Cost – home automation done right is not cheap.

Overall as my original review said, the product is simply amazing. A link to the partner we use and my Yelp review is here. Its nice to always have a garage remote with me. I seldom go places without my iPhone anymore and the Control4 application is happy to connect to my home system and tell me that the garage doors are open. or to open them for me.

I spent a lot of time talking about Home Automation solutions on my other blog trying to come to a logical sense of what is possible, what is advertised and can you make it all work together. So far, sticking with one controller has been the easy answer.  There are devices that you have to use more traditional IR controllers for and others that you can see wireless connections for.

In the future I suspect more people will automate their homes. By then I will probably have moved on to my next gadget craze.


Home Automation Fanatic.

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