Kodak Moments, Kodak 110 Instamatic Camera.

They are here with us for such a short time. But in that time they love us with all their hearts. album329It is a pure love and one that you never forget. Macgregor was our Collie. Well he was the family Collie, he was dad’s dog. He loved dad more than anything on earth. My dad took this first picture but I love it so much. The rest of the pictures in the blog come from my Kodak 110.

This picture is of my sister Lynne in the foreground and mom in the background. They are on the lawn of the lake house of my Grandpa and Grandma Johnson. Mom spent a lot of her childhood in that house and we spent a lot of time there over the years.

Mac was only with us for 3 years. I remember the day he died. I cried for hours. Dad said to me “don’t cry Mac wouldn’t want that.” so I spent the rest of the day sniffling instead of crying. I think dad wanted to cry as well. He loved Mac and Mac loved him. He was an amazing dog. My memories of the first dog we had (Anna Banana) a Dachshund are limited. I remember calling her to my room after bedtime one night but not much more. Mac I remember vividly.


Picture taken with a Kodak Instamatic 110 camera. My first camera and there in the bright coat my sister Lynne. In the backyard of our house in Sherwood Oaks Bloomington Indiana. And the dog, Aunt Phoebe Kumar. our Newfoundland.

She, Phoebe, was the dog of my childhood. If you love dogs there is a dog that represents where you are at various times of your life. Phoebe was our second mother. She was our pal and she was the most amazing dog. She was with us for only 8 years but in that time she changed both what I thought I dog was, but also what a dog could be. A gentle giant who loved everyone in the family. But she and mom had a bond that was scary. Like I said, Phoebe often acted in Loco Parentis when mom wasn’t around. Sometimes even when mom was around.


Hamlet’s Castle in Denmark. Well legend is the Castle Shakespeare based Hamlet on. Image taken with the Kodak 110 Instamatic. It was dark enough that the shot was ambitious. I could digitally clean it up a bit but it misses the challenge of the photograph.

We got the cameras Lynne and I on the way home from Thailand. To record mom and dad told us, our memories of the journey. I have pictures of India, Afghanistan and Denmark and then having Christmas at my grandparents when we returned to the states. It was an amazing gift and one I will never forget. I got to choose what I remembered. Its funny though, many of the pictures I took I took because my dad took one just like it before me. I also wanted more than anything on earth to be like my dad. He was and is my hero. He and my grandfather were the two men I so wanted to be like. Both were smart, interesting and politically they couldn’t have been more different.


images from my Kodak

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