Memories of the Farm…lost in time, lost in space.

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Dad designed this volleyball court at the farm. We dug the post holes and put in fairly substantial 4 by 4’s and then strung the net between them. I love playing volleyball at events. I am not a good team volleyball player. I tend to freelance too much. I played on a team when I was younger but I like yard volleyball not organized volleyball.

You learn volleyball in Gym as a kid. Some people are perfect fits for the team version of the sport. I was like that with baseball. I wasn’t the best hitter on the team or the best at fielding but I could play and understood how the pieces worked together. I guess I never understood how the pieces fit with volleyball.

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The Farm as I have said before had two ponds. One was dry but once had been full the other was full and was full of wildlife. Mom was willing to share her farm with everything except snakes. Snakes would cause mom to well for lack of a better term freak out. One day I came out to the farm on a weekend. My sister Barbara and my mother were outside in the yard. When I got there I asked how they were doing. They said Dad was off on an errand. I then said well let’s go inside. They said they couldn’t go inside there was a snake in the laundry room.

Until I got the snake out of the laundry room they were staying outside. That poor snake (a common black snake) was more scared of the house and the machines then mom and Barb were of it, but I ushered it back outside. Dad put a big AA for Andersen Acres on the barn. We tried to tell him AA had other meetings but he wouldn’t hear of it.

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Down in the bottom part of this picture is Frosty. Her name was Frostella sometimes Andersen. She was our first Great Pyrenees. Duo was our second. Frosty was literally the only mentally unstable dog we ever owned. As a four year old dog she decided she didn’t like fences and never stayed in the fence again. She was a good dog but was completely independent.

Fall is when I miss Indiana. Maryland has leaves and they change as well but somehow it isn’t the changing of childhood. I remember June’s and chasing fireflies. I remember the leaves changing color in the fall. I do remember Frosty as well. She was the most independent dog we ever owned. Didn’t need people at all. A true sheep dog.


Memories of the farm…

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