Once a Rain Gauge always a Jaguar.


Yes, I am a weather geek. Came by it honestly from my father. This is my manual rain gauge. I do have two more that are IoT devices. One connects to a weather station that I broadcast from time to time. The other connects to a NetAtmo station that is always broadcasting.

My father was a weather geek. He always had a weather station in his office. both at the university and at home. He taught me very early on why the reading in the city is different than in the suburbs. Living in Indiana he taught me the subtle differences between low pressures. The ones that are huge drop the barometric pressure quickly. The ones that are less powerful don’t.

I have shared before that as a small child I was terrified of thunderstorms. Dad helped me through that with his stories of giants bowling. I was never afraid of the storms after that. It always makes me laugh. Later as I was older and dad didn’t like to air condition the house, the loved Thunderstorms for the blast of cool air they would bring in the summer.


Our last Christmas in Indiana. December 2010. This is the living room of our home in Eagle Trace. It was a lot larger than than our current house. It was also cheaper than the house we are in now. DC is a lot more expensive for real-estate than Indiana.

The picture has Jakki on the right and Luke in front of the fireplace. On the couch is Fran. I miss Fran. She was our first Labrador. We raised her from a puppy and she happily moved with us to Maryland. She died two months before my dad did in 2014. It made for a really tough emotional time that year.

Jakki always  put a bow on Fran’s head every Christmas.


When we moved to Maryland Jacqueline began to grow into the phenomenal person she is. I had a goal of teaching her very early on to be independent and to not be a girl/woman but a person first. She has exceeded my goal by a factor of 100.

This picture is from the cruise ship in August. Chuck’s Cellar was an image I couldn’t pass up. Jakki switched her name as she grew up a number of times. Her first addition to her name was quarter. She started calling herself that when she and I started collecting state quarters. Then she started going by the name I called her when she was little “Jaguar or Jags” as she entered middle and high school. When she moved to Maryland she picked up the nickname Chuck. Hence this picture for her, of her Cellar somewhere off the coast of Hawaii. I am very proud of all four kids. They are interesting and unique people in their own rights.


Proud Papa

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