A fall day picking Apples…2003

First off congratulations to the Indiana Hoosiers Football Team 4-0 for the first time since 1990. My dad would be really happy right now. He loved IU Football and Basketball.


There is something to be said for mowing in comfort. There is also nothing like a John Deere green mower or tractor. In the ‘burbs you don’t see many riding mowers. I think if we had one we could get it in gear and then have to rapidly turn to avoid the end of our yard.

But when we lived in Indiana we had over a 1/2 acre and I loved mowing the yard on my tractor. It was relaxing. Mowing with the push mower down by the pond was not relaxing. But that is a different problem. That was trying as much to avoid the occasional Natrix Americanus as anything.

This particular image came from an Apple Orchard trip in 2003, somewhere between Indianapolis and Richmond Indiana.


Yes I learned photography from my father. Who, I found out during the Family History scanning project (this is the family history blogging project now) that in fact my father had learned from his sister Barbara who was and award winning photographer.

I love taking odd pictures. Looking at the world through different eyes. This the sky above the apple tree. I suspect I should talk to Sandler Boggs about that, possibly he hears a poem in the rustling of the leaves and the view of the world from downside up.

The apple orchard had a petting zoo and a little pond you could walk around and then go pick your own apples.


I can hear my grandpa Ray in the back of my head – why are you paying to pick apple’s for the farmer, you pay the same amount for picking apples as you do for already picked apples.

They had a corn maze (it is after all in Indiana) and a hay bale tunnel and fort. I think those are ubiquitous through Indiana apple orchards. I don’t remember but I probably played on them at this age as well.

Going to Melton’s (in Bloomington) was a big deal. Dad would always let us get lot’s of apples and my personal favorite apple butter. I have always liked Apple Butter for some reason. It just tastes better than Jelly or Jam. I guess I am like my father an Apple lover!


Apple Lover…

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