What will they say? What song of today will they play and say that was who they were? What building will still stand that we use today, tomorrow?


In 1976, the National Science Teachers Association had its convention on the East Coast. As part of dad going to that we made a spring break swing through the east coast.

Philadelphia, Colonial Williamsburg ending up in Washington DC. The biggest thing for me that spring was the perfection quest of the Indiana University Basketball team. We were watching the games at night in the hotel room as the Hoosiers moved through the tournament.

This image was one of dad’s from Colonial Williamsburg 1976. That was a great trip between the basketball and the sights. That 1976 Indiana Hoosiers basketball team remains the last undrafted national champion at 32 and 0. I loved watching that team play. In close games they found ways to win. When the other team couldn’t stay with them on the floor, they won going away. They passed the ball with precision. The motion offence of Coach Knight was at its best. It was basketball clinic every time they played.


The main drag of Colonial Williamsburg. I took the family there to see it in 2012. It was the same now as it was then. Of course when you are talking about the recreation of something that was that is the way it should be.

What was should pretty much be what is. They have done a great job in maintaining the colony. Such a different world people lived in 200 years ago. Harder by a factor of 10. Different as well in that they worked hard physically for many more years than we do now. Excursive wasn’t a choice or a daily option, it was the way of life.


Built to last. Inside the governors mansion at Colonial Williamsburg. They, the colonists didn’t build these buildings to last 200 plus years. They built them to live in. They did the best they could so that the buildings would be there for their lifetime.

What will future generations preserve of us? What are the memories they will have of this time? I wonder about that sometimes. Will they have computers lined up showing how primitive we were? Cellular phones that you had to carry instead of embedded. Or computers that had pens so you could input data, instead of just think it. Who knows, it is however a very interesting excursive.


What will tomorrow remember about today?

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