Willow Cover Mt. Airy Cincinnati around 1998/1999


Jacqueline standing in front of the refrigerator in our new house on Willow Cover in Mt. Airy Ohio. Mt. Airy is on the very edge of Cincinnati proper. We lived in Western Hills before that. I remember hating traffic then – there were times when I would travel 20 miles to work and it would take 40 minutes.

Last night it was 31 miles and 2 hours 10 minutes. I miss the old days of Cincinnati traffic! This picture was when she was still Jacqueline. In particular at this time she had not even adopted the Quarter middle name. I was calling her Jaguar as my nick name for her by then, Quill Bean, the name we called her when she was younger was now long past.


The living room at Willow Cove. We had a TV there for the kids and another one in the family room. We actually turned the living room into a kids space for the boys. Great picture of my dad and I both looking down and paying attention to something else.

Nick is engaged in what I am looking at as well. I think it was a camera in both cases. Much like my parents did, I moved furthest away from everyone else in the family. Mom and dad were in Bloomington, Lynne was in Greenwood and Barb stayed in Bloomington. I ended up in Cincinnati Ohio and now finally in Maryland. Mom and dad moved the furthest in mom’s family. In dad’s family it was pretty much everyone moving from California to Maine.


I can’t tell you over the years how many people have said to me “I want twins. You get it all done at once. Two kids, one pregnancy and wham you are ready to roll family style.”

It isn’t that way. No sleep the first year. They are wonderful kids and I love them both but they are also approaching college. Where once you would have one kid, and therefore one budget to plan now you have two. I think twins are harder than the mythos would tell you.

Here are they in the kitchen (other side from the picture with Jakki) of the house in Willow cove. To the left is big sister checking on da boys.



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