Still wandering Hawaii–so far more than 40 blogs for just over 13 days :-)


109A0405The picture taken because this looks like an airplane wing and the view out an airplane window, it isn’t but it looks like it. I think the one thing that amazed me, but also made me really happy, was all the solar power in Hawaii. I installed a solar system on my house almost a year ago now. It seems like the best way to reduce the footprint of a house. I am not sure why more people don’t install solar. At the least you can get a system from Solar City and reduce your overall electric bill by 30%. Who doesn’t want money back. Or for that matter who doesn’t want to pay less money for what they are using anyway? It seems strange to read that people don’t believe in the impact and end game that is global warming. Time to put solar on your roof and reduce your impact on the world!


The power and majesty of the volcano. If you can imagine. It built the islands. Smile Its interesting when you think about the plants on the island. They are different than you find on the mainland. First off there are many plants that have flowers year round. Its not the bloom in April/May and well not bloom the rest of the year. Plants that adapted to the environment they were in.

Plus growing in soil that has a very different composition than on the mainland. Interesting the diversity of nature when you think about it, the wonder and ability of nature to adjust to the environment it is in. It was an overcast day but still simply gorgeous.


For the world is hollow and I have touched the sky. The mixture of volcanic steam and clouds made for an interesting experience on top of the mountain. They are 10,000 feet above sea level (but 30,000 feet above the sea floor) so it feels like the clouds should be higher. But there they are, perched on top of the volcano’s like the Grinch’s Santie Clause robe.

Amazing time. A huge thank you to my mother and sisters for arranging all of the trip and events. It was nice to just be with family for two weeks. You forget how much family means during the week. The old adage “when you are up to your neck in alligators its hard to remember your original job was drain the swamp.” So thank you to all three of you for organizing and putting all of this event together. Family is everything and while the reason for the trip was sad to begin with, the celebration of the teacher continues forever.


Hans Andersen was a grand man!

Good morning Raven and back to Hawaii…


There are dogs that join your family and the family adjusts around them. There are dogs that join your family and well the family moves two steps to the right, not to adjust but to embrace. Raven is a force of nature. Small problem with eating everything in the pantry when given the chance but she is the sweetest dog.

She choose the boys as hers the first day she was in the house. She yells at them and bosses them around. Its really kind of funny. When Raven doesn’t want to do something she plops. Literally just becomes a bag of bones and you can’t move her. But she loves her boys.  Raven had a tough time  before she joined us. She is like Dylan and Tamsyn a Rescue dog.

When we were on Maui we ended up at this really cool outdoor mall. The next photo is a picture of the malls pavilion.


The whaling museum was in the mall. It wasn’t bad it was a well done museum it was just scary for me. I had nightmares that night about what I saw. Not that I am a flower that needs protection. I’ve seen a number of things in my life that were unpleasant. Its just that was a way of life for a lot of people and I guess I don’t understand.

The mall reminded me so much of Bangkok when I was  a kid. Well Bangkok now but when I was a kid it was still more traditional where as now it is a little more like every other city on earth. I used to think that cities were moving towards the western model. I realized that the western model had evolved and that big cities were moving towards the big city model. A combination of the best of eastern and western city components. I guess its why I love cities that are still a mix of old and new. It just is more interesting to me.


Then you have pictures that convey a message. As the photographer I took this picture to show something. What? I don’t recall. It was near the water fall used in Fantasy Island. There was a part for the native bird behind that fence. But why that particular section of fence as a picture I do not know. I understand why photographers don’t share their images based on this picture. But you have the share. The beauty of digital pictures you take is you can make a billion copies and keep on copying! Just like the old Carpenters Song “sing, sing a son” don’t worry if they aren’t professional pictures. Few of us have the magical eye to take the greatest picture. It’s the stories you tell with the pictures if you aren’t a good photographer. Or better if you are good photographer and not a good writer than it’s the images you share. Put them out there. The new world order is all about snapping a moment and sharing it. I believe you should share all the moments. Even the ones before the digital age. Even the ones that you feel aren’t good enough.


Avid Photo Sharer…

The continuing saga of roads on Maui and for a change pictures of things by a road in Maui…

This one of cars, and road I can’t blame on Jakki while I was driving. I took this picture (that’s Jakki just in front of me there).109A0386

This one I took mostly because of the leaning palm trees. I found it intriguing that their root systems would support this much leaning. I wonder about thing like that. Or, as young trees was there a tremendous storm that pushed them to the right? Paradise has its flaws, bad storms would be one of them. Volcano’s as well. No matter where you live there is always a reason why it is the best place on earth and the worst place. For me the best place is where I vacation, the not best place is where I work. My biggest pet peeve is traffic right now. Which, driving in the DC area is probably the worst part of being in the DC area. I do actually like being near everything and all the museums and things to do.


The concept of fire prevention and ultimately fire suppression. The whimsey of the photographer. Ok, none of either of those. I just thought it was cool. A fire hydrant. Seems a funny thing to be intriged by but then I am the guy that took the picture of the leaning trees. There are times when I am walking around (and wlaking is my preferred excerise and mode of travel even on vacation) I just get over come by a thought. In this case it was a fire hydrant. I wonder if Dylan has finally convinced me to be looking for places to walk where dogs can pee? Or is it just that I see things and they stick in my head? The thing I lament often is I take this picture but I miss the one just to the right. Or just to the left that was even more interesting. I don’t have the eye of a photographer.


“Hey isn’t that (insert favorite celebrity name here)?” Or is it? Who will ever know. The obscured face routine. I have many pictures of children (all of my mothers grandchildren in fact) with their faces obscured. Or of them making faces. I remember a line uttered by Michael Keaton once “No pictures in the holy compound.” the short or movie that is in has long escaped me. But I do remember that line. I think they were in a hot tub and Mr. Keaton was a guru or cult leader. Anyway hard to take pictures of people that don’t want their picture taken. The beauty of digital is you just keep taking pictures. Eventually you will get one of them actually smiling without the cap in front of their face. Sometimes you can get all of them smiling, but those moments are rare.


Digital photog

The wonder of liquid rock and pictures of roads…

Still racing along the highway on Maui. I didn’t realize just how many pictures Jakki took that day. I guess driving wise I wasn’t paying a lot of attention.109A0185

Lava is interesting. It is hard as a rock (joke). Yet, it at one time conformed to the shape of a container (liquid). Or it went where it wanted to regardless of container. I love the flowing quality of the rock, I suspect however if your house was in the way of that flow it wouldn’t be as pretty.

What’s really cool is the slight upward slope that sometimes occurs along the sea shore. Where the lave stops flowing suddenly as it is rapidly cooled by the sea water. So it ends up stacking up and builds a slight upward slope. It is amazing to climb those and look around. To realize that the rock below your feet once flowed like really slow water. Just an amazing experience to be so close to what once was much closer to the core of the earth. 

Now, actually spending time identifying the components of those rocks – boring. But wondering how they got there? Really cool!


My new photo book is entitled the water around Hawaii does it go all the way around the island Winking smile (joke!!!!!).

This near the restaurant we ate at for lunch that day. We walked and looked and shopped at the various places along the beach. Each of us got various things meant to remind us of the trip. Me, I got pictures. More than 3500 of them in all. To remind me of the moments. This one, the gentle Pacific lapping at the beach was simply amazing.

I love the many sands of Hawaii. White, brown, black the sand is simply amazing.


The second book of pictures we are going to publish has my co-authors name all over it. The roads of Hawaii! (by Jakki).

I didn’t realize how many she was taking.

I love this one however. Road, Ocean and Volcano. It is the combination of human, the birth place of life on earth and the violence of mother nature. Kind of a cool combination. Which in the end will change the planet more?

Its peaceful to review these pictures in the morning and share them with the world. I am going to go back in a couple of weeks and start sharing some of my dad’s older slides. But for now we continue to wander Hawaii!


Wander Hawaii

Todays number is 93 (193 and 293) for pictures….

109A0093Ports are interesting places, you have a mix of pleasure and working craft as well as in Hawaii add the people with stand up surf boards (that looked like a lot of fun, I however have no balance so probably would have fallen off).

Even in the harbor with craft coming in and out all the time the water is still blue. Rivers tend towards brown, the ocean towards blue. My experience with boats are lakes and rivers so I am looking forward to being able to boat on the ocean. In Cincinnati when we were on the Ohio you had to clean your boat every year it was on the river. There was always a film on the boat.


Lots of pictures of Maui from the car on the way to the museum and the beach. You can’t miss the blending of blue sky into blue ocean. There is something about vacations that makes places magical. We’ve taken a few over the years (and are planning more for the coming years). Hawaii, Thailand, a couple of cruises (one to the Bahamas and one around the Caribbean), Mexico and a number of parks in the Midwestern US. Each of them has magical memories. Many of our vacation swore day trips because back in the day I was flying out every week and the thought of flying one more time was more than I could take. When you fly 100,000 miles a year or more flying stops being interesting and just becomes a means to an end.


Its amazing when you think about it, that they rise high enough to be in the clouds. All the way from the ocean floor. It is just amazing. I wondered a number of times. I used to collect rocks when I was little. Nothing big just the various types of fossils and rocks found in southern Indiana. My dad actually collected rocks from around the world. He was fascinated by geology. He was fascinated by science in general but geology was intriguing to him. I remember him taking me to the Geology building at IU a few times to talk to various professors. We always stopped by the USGS seismograph that was located in the building to see seismic activity. It was always a cool trip. It is one of the reasons I love gadgets so much. I am always looking for that one device to give all sorts of readings (did you know an accerlomter makes a small seismic reader?).


Hawaii is amazing

Gentle tropical breeze and two way roads…


There is something about the palm trees. I remember in Thailand there were trained monkeys that would climb the trees and harvest the ripe coconuts. Dad took pictures of that when we went to Thailand the first time (without us). He said he didn’t pay attention and got close to the tree to take the picture, the monkey nearly dropped the coconut on his head.

So graceful in the tropical breeze. There is a majesty in trees that is amazing. Trees are strong. The rustling of leaves bringing a harmony of wind and leaves. They move with great wind. Swaying a little and moving with the pressure of the wind. Amazing how they reach for the heavens. Some trees have deep roots that are strong. Some, because of where they grow have broad roots and are still pretty strong.


The Ocean on Maui from the highway. I think Jakki took over 100 pictures as we drove along the shore. We ended up at a town where we had lunch and wandered around. Lots of fun t-shirts and other Hawaii artifacts. We bought all that stuff at the swap meet in Honolulu so didn’t spend much money at the town. There was some really nice jewelry and other finery though.

It was a wonderful day, wandering around taking pictures and seeing the Ocean. I’ve said it before but it is true, I love the ocean. Sitting by the ocean while eating lunch is one of my favorite things. Having fresh sushi, while sitting by the ocean and eating lunch is even better Smile.


Still from a car window – the good news is we have absolute proof they have two way roads in Hawaii. You can clearly see the yellow marker between the two lanes.

Good or bad, share your pictures. These, which I know realize are many more than 100 pictures of being along the ocean in Maui, in fact may be closer to 200 pictures taken from the rear seat.

You never know when you will inspire someone to take more, share more and have more pictures. By the way, the best picture player ever? Amazon Prime + Amazon Fire TV. Free storage of all your pictures with Prime. Fire TV plays all the pictures stored in your Amazon cloud drive. It is amazing to be able to scroll through the pictures quickly on the big screen.


Amazon Fan

Wandering Hawaii, and remembering fishing

For the remainder of the 2990 pictures (I won’t post all of them, not all of them are good and while I post everything its more I don’t want to post a bunch of pictures I know are bad).109A0027

The new system is a pick a number. Right now I am doing the initial (01 to 100 and then 100 and 200) today’s number was 27. So this represents the 27th picture taken in Hawaii. This one as the sun was setting the very first night.

We walked along the beach at Waikiki both before and after dinner that night. It is a magical beach. We ended up with a direct flight from Washington Dulles to Honolulu. Other family members had two or three hop flights. That night we split up into two groups for dinner. Jakki, Becca and the Boys went to get Vietnamese food. The rest of us ate at a local style Hawiian place.


When I was little my grandfather would put me in the boat and take me around the lake to get me to sleep. Apparently I wasn’t the best napper as a child. I don’t remember grandpa Ray doing that but I was told by him, grandma, mom and dad as well as Uncle and Aunt that it happened. The not a good napper part usually was the lead into the story.

Water is a huge part of what I love. I can’t wait to get back out on the water again, to be on the ocean in a boat heading away from land to see where the trade winds will take us. Dad used to take us fishing, a friend and I in the canoe on Lake Monroe. He would paddle and snap pictures while my friend and I would fish.


Driving along the ocean on Maui again. Back to the fishing, we used to head down to Lake Monroe at 5 am. Dad, then, was the only human being alive that got up that early. Now, I can’t sleep much past 5 am. He cursed me with getting up early.

We would drive down to the lake and put the canoe in usually at Allen’s creek. Sometimes we would be on the other side of the lake at Salt Creek or Crooked creek. We would fish for 2-3 hours. I doubt the entire time we fished lake Monroe we caught anything we could keep. We never lake Monroe well enough to know where the fish were. We knew roughly where there might be fish and we often caught a few Blue Gills (sometimes called Sunfish) but never ones large enough to eat. We were learning the lake. It takes practice or it takes technology. You can quickly learn a lake with technology. We didn’t have that at the time. It was available but hard to mount on a canoe.

A good friend emailed me recently and said why are the blogs always about the pictures. They are always about the memories the pictures produce in me. Not just the picture, but the evoked memories!


I miss fishing with my grandpa and my dad.