Andersen clan trip to Chicago Illinois…


So the 4th girl wasn’t with the other three for the expedition to the American Girl store. American Girl dolls were  a big deal with the grand daughters of my mother.

I didn’t see why but they all loved them. This is from the family trip to Chicago and the resulting trip to the American Girl Store for their famous tea parties.

That doll dominated Christmas for about 9 years. 2 years with just Becca in the beginning and a year with just Courtney at the end. The remaining 6 years was a combination of two girls or more getting dolls.


The Children’s Museum of Chicago is on Navy Pier (well it was at the time of this trip). They had the coolest water play area and of course the boys wandered right to that. Its funny because when they were little you had to drag them out of water. Now they don’t even like to swim. Funny how that works out. I guess not having a pool in your backyard changes your approach to water and swimming.

This is Nick getting ready to pour water on something. I would guess from the look on his face that it is probably somehow going to end up on his brother Luke.


All of these images were taken with a point and shoot film camera. I never owned a film DSLR (I have my dad’s now but those are more valuable as memories than cameras now). I wish I had a digital camera for this trip. The disadvantage of film is far fewer pictures in the end. I wish I had more of this museum and this trip. It was a fun family trip that isn’t recorded as much as I wish it had been.

Nick and Luke rode on the Ferris Wheel on Navy Pier. I think that is when Nick found out he doesn’t like heights. We did so many things over the years that aren’t recorded its too bad. But Jakki about to pour water is captured. At least there are a few 100 memories until they get older. Then 1000’s of memories.


digital pioneer

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