From last to first. Each an impact on my life that I will treasure forever.


To be blessed. To receive a gift that you can never repay. The thing about that gift is there in the end is no expectation for you to repay that gift. It keeps giving and changing. What was the gift 10 years ago has changed into so much more now.

Hourly hugs turn into weekly head nods. Sure turns into “You are picking on me make someone else do it.” But conversations grow, from da to dad and then “can you take us driving?” Each passing moment is a treasure. Each picture, each memory is a moment that will never be again but can’t be taken away. It is a gift a blessing that each day unfolds. There is a joy that comes from each day, each argument and from the moment they suddenly on their own create new thoughts that make you stop and realize that they are thinking creative human beings.


Some burst on the scene right before Thanksgiving and for the next well it hasn’t stopped yet, announce their presence with authority. Each milestone another wonder and joy. Those blue eyes, that were SUPPOSED TO TURN BROWN but never did lighting up the room they enter. The bean. Surely there is no greater joy on earth than holding your child and walking around a hospital. Except there are greater joys. The little smile as she walked by in her graduation gown, a nod and a smile. Or sitting behind the wheel of a car, nervously trying to figure out what everything does. Moments that drift away but are never forgotten. She burst on the scene and ruined Thanksgiving plans. But in the end they weren’t ruined they were made so much better.


First can be last sometimes. When in reverse order of course first is always last. First here with 2nd (dog) and 2nd (child). First was a transition that occurred quickly. I went from teaching kids and then sending them home to, having a child at home. I would love to say it was perfect and the transition was simple and effective but it was a learning experience for both of us. It still is. It probably always will be. Distance sometimes makes it hard to move forward. Time doesn’t always forget. But memories last forever. There are so many wonderful memories of Becca. I think my favorite was the look of sheer joy on her face when she was accepted into the Cincinnati Ohio School for Creative and Preforming arts. I had nothing to do what her talent but I was and am very proud of her always. The first may be last only because of the pictures order, but will always be first. The first lost tooth. The first tears. The first to graduate. There is pride in each one. I cannot express the pride, love and honor I feel for each of Becca’s Firsts. Each of the four kids is Unique, special and loved.

The first dog we had, wasn’t  a good fit for the family. I am not sure that Gwen was a great fit either. She was a dog meant to be free with a large yard and run around and terrorize the world. She ended up in a small yard”ed” house in Cincinnati Ohio. Gwen moved with us to Willow Cove and then to Greenwood. She was never a great dog, but she was our dog.



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