Just Another Shameless Review: iPhone 6s Plus

iPhone 6s Plus

So I upgraded to the new iPhone last week. I had the 6 plus previously so I continued the larger phone trend and got the 6s plus. As always the Apple Packaging was amazing. The screen when I turned it one was amazing. I was a Windows Phone guy from 2000-2011. I had every iteration of PPC phones there were (ok well not every but it felt like it). I have to say the seamless upgrade and transition process of the Apple iOS solutions are simply amazing.

A cellular phone is not just a cellular phone anymore it is a CPS/IoT platform as well as personal video and still camera always with you. From call recording to voice recording, data and simple entertainment the cellular phone now replaces a number of devices. Plus it is the platform of expansion for the future of CPS.

For those who always complain when I post a review remember I only review things that I find useful or companies with horrible customer service.

What I liked

· The AT&T setup experience is improving every single time.

· Out of box the phone was ready to go simply needed to be charged. Also you have to activate it via the AT&T website

· Phone battery seems the same which was expected

· Graphics in particular respond much faster than the older iPhone

· iOS 9 is interesting and so far I find it to be much more stable than iOS 8 was

· iOS9 includes the Wi-Fi calling option!!!!!!!!!!!!!

· The new camera and camera options are incredible.

What I didn’t like

· Frankly the fact that the battery is no better than it was.

· Wi-Fi Calling is not available in my area yet for my iPhone.

· My Mophie case for my iPhone 6 plus doesn’t work with the new 6s Plus so that is a bummer. If you have an iPhone 6 plus its available on eBay right now

Overall the phone is a solid improvement over the previous version. All of my accessories (except the one) work perfectly with it. I’ve tested most of my favorite software packages and they operate as well. I was able to connect and reconnect all my Bluetooth devices very quickly. Overall this is a great new version of the phone. I am still waiting for a long conference call to see how audio quality holds up for the entire long call but like I said other than the one minor frustration really solid upgrade.


reformed Windows Phone user

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