The summers on the lake of my childhood became the summers on a lake as a young adult. Same song, different lake!


There was a time in the lost summers of Indiana when mom and dad would rent a house boat on Patoka Reservoir. We would all head down to the lake and spend a few days together on the water. Its what families do to maintain the connections.

We would all bring lots of books (this was in the 1990’s computers and laptops weren’t as prevalent and frankly getting a single for a cell phone on or near the lake was tenuous at best). So we disconnected and at the same time reconnected. Playing in the water and enjoying time together. Lots of reading as well.

It was the best of times.


Endless hours floating on the water. I love the water if you haven’t already figured that out from my blog. We used to do this activity on Lake Ripley, floating for hours on the rafts. Or wandering somewhere in the speed boat when I got older. I was the first grandchild allowed to take the boat out by myself. I availed myself of that privilege whenever I could!

Water is a piece of us. The primordial sea lives within us. Letting the water of our bodies touch actual water is life affirming. I love water and could be on it all day long every day.


Dad had an amazing eye as a photographer. This one setup just a little off center and the lone tree set off even more than it would be if you saw this image live. The reflections in the water make the picture even better.

I wish I had seen more of these pictures when he was alive so I could tell him in person how amazing a photographer he was. I think he spent most of his time believing he wasn’t that good so he had the pictures developed, looked at them and then put them into a box. No one else saw most of his pictures. It is a piece of dad that I can open and enjoy over and over now though. Maybe in the end the way he did it was best. Something for us to discover about him after.


Photo Envier…

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