Sometimes the past lifts us up and reminds us of how things once were….

DSCN0070Luke coming out the end of the slide that used to be at our house in Eagle Trace. We put the swing set in the first spring we owned the house along with the pool. Later on we added a trampoline. I don’t miss the days when the boys were younger. They were sick a lot of the time (twins sometimes are) and pass colds back and forth until it would get me. I was also traveling a lot then. I would be gone for a week at a time. I had a cellular phone so I could call home and talk to each of them frequently. So I didn’t miss out on the connection pieces, just on the being there piece.

They were simpler days but I like where the kids are now. I love having discussions with them about the world and the impact of things around us.


This picture has two pieces of significance. The first is that it is of Joan Ralston. Joan was my mother-in-law and an amazing person. She was a really good photographer. She was also a great sounding board for how to manage people. She managed the communications system of Bloomington Hospital for many years.

This was taken in the kitchen eating area in Eagle Trace. The other significance of this picture is the timing. This picture was taken in September 2000. A year later the world changed forever. Selfishly it made a lot harder than it used to be. What once took an hour now takes two or more. The world isn’t as innocent. Where once the airlines watched for the one in a million DB Coopers, now everyone can be DB Cooper. Joan left us in 2005. I miss her a lot. I would love to hear her thoughts on the current presidential race.


On the left is Joan again and on the right is Les Ralstin. He was a veteran of WWII. He served as a communications officer on an Landing Craft. Loud noises would startle him, memories of jump or die from when he was in the Navy.

Les was a phenomenal person. Quiet and reflective, he would often make quiet scarcastic comments while other people were talking. I got him in trouble once becusae I heard them and I laughed. It really hadn’t been noticed before (that he was making the comments) so Joan was a little more careful after that when talking. Just in case Les was going to make a quiet comment.

Les left us after Joan and I miss him as well. You couldn’t ask for better in laws than the two of them. They were caring, giving and wonderful people.



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