Wandering the dark halls of memory and stopping by a few of the displays…


I fell in love with the concept of space and space exploration when I was very young. Dad always encouraged me. A piece of me stayed in the capsule with Apollo 1. I watched with eyes locked on the TV as Walter Cronkite told us that the astronauts of Apollo 13 were safe. I started as a model rocketeer when I was nine. Over the years I have launched many rockets. This is the first one the boys and I launched on the field of their school. I hadn’t launched a rocket in a few years by this point and we way miscalculated how far the rocket was going to go. We were off by nearly a 1/4 mile. Not the kind of performance that you write home about. Still it was fun to share my love of space and beyond with my sons and daughter.


Swimming lessons at the YMCA Greenwood Indiana. That is Nick there in the near middle of the screen and yes he is loving trying to kick water. Luke is right next to him a little blurry but also smiling.

I think they were trying to kick water on each other as much as they were trying to learn to swim. We also did swimming lessons at home a couple of times in the pool. Water is really important to me. I’ve owned a boat for many years. Having a boat makes a difference to me. I know why I sold both of the last two boats I owned but I also know why I want to buy a new one. There is a freedom in boating. A release from land and the dry world that we live in every day.


The magic that bears fruit. Flowers that share life and combined with bees make honey. They are magical flowers. Not magical beans that reveal the home of a giant. Just magical. Each one is  a perfect representation of the other. You can see them year after year. The perfect flower.

These are from Dad and mom’s old front yard on Kinser Pike in Bloomington Indiana. Every house we owned dad left a legacy. A perfect manicured and loved garden spot and fruit trees. He always had fruit trees. Every house we owned in Bloomington Indiana had fruit trees. It is dad’s legacy. Like Johnny Appleseed dad loved to plant fruit trees. On the way to a meeting yesterday I drove by an orchard and was reminded of how much dad loved trees. But in particular and more than anything how much he loved Apple trees. He even loved the Apples grown by the King of Thailand near Chang Mai. He was so excited as we drove through that orchard.


Wistful and remembering

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