From a shared part to a Unique island pictures that span the globe…

IMG_0160On 270 south heading towards the DC Metro area there are two signs that always amuse. One invites you to turn, before the river and visit the great falls of Maryland. The other, just after the river on the George Washington Parkway invites you to come visit the great falls of Virginia. The most interesting part for me is that the two parks are actually directly across from each other. So in effect rather than select two different sets of falls and declare them they split one down the middle and decided that was the Greatest of the Great Falls. This image taken from the Virginia side towards the Maryland side. They are both state parks. On the Virginia side there is the remnants of the C&O canal that was used to bypass the falls on the Potomac river.IMGP0054

Jakki how big is Mt. Vernon. Really? It has to do with the delayed and finally denied trip to the Statue of Liberty. I won’t go any further with that story except to say ask the boys or Jakki why the Statue of Liberty is smaller than one of their thumbs.

We spent the day in the gardens of Mt. Vernon. I found myself really enjoying all the different gardening styles that Washington tried. Mostly because I grew up with a gardener that was not afraid to try any number of new styles of gardens. He went to South Africa and came back in love with Raised Bed gardens. They are actually really cool and dad had a couple built.


Finally a lava formation from Hawaii this past summer. It looks more like a rock you would find on the moon. Barren and lifeless it shows just how amazing those islands are. Rising 30,000 feet or more (most of that underwater) and then over the course of millions of years adding life to barren rock. It shows the wonder of time and change. Birds flying over with tiny seeds in their poop as they head over the barren rocks. The poop and the abraded lave becoming a dark soil. From that trees growing. More birds come to eat the plants, because well they ate them in the first place and shared the seeds. Overtime roots, sea and water abrade the lava into soil. Soil that is dark and rich. So the cycle of life begins and continues with fly byes. Different and unique unlike any other because it was created by a variety of changes over time that only happened there.



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