Colorado, Rocky Mountains are High (sorry John Denver)…

Memories are funny. Mom always says “its your memory.” In part because it is my memory or someone else’s memory but in part to also say I don’t remember it that way.

sheet (1)

Dad was experimenting as a photographer the June we wandered off to Colorado. Typical dad vacation, we drove from Indiana to Denver and then to Estes park. We stopped along the way in Hayes Kansas. There was a historical fort in Hayes Kansas so we stayed an extra day there to spend time in the historical location.

While his major was biology and education, his minor in college was American History. As stated previously any time a marker appeared along the side of the road we would stop and consider the event that caused the planting of a marker.

Maryland is a place filled with markers. Dad would have loved wandering around near our house, there are five historical markers within a short drive. Like I said he loved historical markers.


A wonderful picture dad took of Showwalter fountain in the snow. That is the IU Auditorium behind the fountain. In 1976 and 1981 crowds of students gathered at Showwalter fountain when IU won the national championship. Townies were there as well (also in 1987) it was simply an amazing time.

This taken in the midst of a snow storm. Dad was always trying to improve both as a photographer but also as a person chronicling the world around himself. He took a photography class at IU one summer once. I remember he shared a number of the composition things he learned with me. That was dad. He was always a teacher. Not in a bad way but in a way that you knew he cared enough to share what he knew with you.

So we have Colorado and IU today. A mix of important things for dad. He always seemed to enjoy the family vacations we took. Colorado was such a trip. Then there was his love for Indiana University. He poured his heart into making it the best possible place for students. I think in the end I stopped being a teacher because honestly I could never be as good teacher as my father. He was without a doubt one of the five best teachers I ever took at IU. The lessons I learned from Dad, and from my grandfather Johnston are lessons I still consume today.

Family comes first.

Never stop learning.


grateful for the guidance of great men

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