Memories today of moving…

In June 1991 we moved from Bloomington Indiana to Cincinnati Ohio. A large chunk of my family stayed there so we visit often. Bloomington is a special place both filled with memories of wonderful moments and memories of times I will never forget.

In October 1999 we moved from Cincinnati Ohio back to Indiana. In particular we moved backed to Greenwood Indiana. We would create many more memories there. Becca was born in Bloomington. Jakki and the boys were born in Cincinnati.

In August 2011 we moved away from Indiana again, this time to Maryland. I think, like my father I have a moving bug. Dad was always interested in two things. Setting down roots and building a garden. The other thing was traveling. All of dad’s family traveled away from Wisconsin. His three sisters moving to various other cities and towns.

That got me thinking, all the moves I’ve made. In 1965/66 we packed our life up and left Vernon Hills to move to Student Housing in Bloomington Indiana. Leaving Chicago was tough, it is a part of me. I worked in downtown Chicago for 4 amazing years as an adult and I will never forget that wonderful city and place. I’ve been back many times, but it is never the same as growing up.

In late 1971 we packed up and moved to Thailand. Bangkok to be specific. Memories of Bangkok flood my mind with mention of the name. I can’t imaging a better place to be. Bangkok was a revelation of the world. For the first time in my life I wasn’t like everyone else around me. I was different and I learned so much about the way things work. I have so many memories of Thailand. The people, the food and the country changed me. I remember playing with inner tubes on a river one day. Roaring down the river on the tubes and then working our way back up the hill to do it again. Over and over we did that. I remember old town, following behind a wagon as we explored the old city. And drinking red Fanta when we were allowed to.

Dad and mom made a huge effort to take us to many places while we were there.  Chang Mai, the beach and the old town of Bangkok. (really, really old town). Coca Cola which back then was my favorite wasn’t widely available but they did have Fanta. I learned years later that Fanta was actually just Coca-Cola another brand and name they had.


wandering down memory lane

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