Random pictures from Hawaii….Ohana


Working back to Hawaii pictures but now from the good camera. A little heavier to carry but the Canon takes much better pictures. This was the beach on the first day we were in Hawaii (Waikiki beach). The Canon 5DS is a lot more responsive and faster so it captures a better image. But in order to share the photos taken by that camera it takes longer to build the blog.

The first breakfast the boys and I went to get Loco Mocha which is the Hainan breakfast we had seen on one of the cooking shows we watch frequently. It was amazing! We had tried to make it at home a couple of times, but we realized very quickly what we were doing wrong when we had the actual dish!


I have a lot of pictures taken at Volcano National park. Why? Well first the science of that steam vent just makes me happy. To be at the point where the magma of earth and the surface of earth actually collide was amazing.

The steam was warm and had a slight odor. There were sections of the park closed the day we were there because of the sculpture gas. Being allergic I would have stayed away anyway but add the signs that said “Don’t cross this line” helped. Of course there were people to whom the recommendation of not crossing the line was just that a recommendation and they crossed anyway. People sometimes think they are immortal.


Jimmy Buffet has a great song (he has several but this one is one I love to listen to) called “Chase Burger in paradise.” The irony of that is its also the name of the restaurants he started. We actually ate our Hawaiian breakfast in a Cheese Burger in paradise restaurant on Waikiki beach the first. This is the hot dog stand that is next to paradise as well. Nobody wrote the song Hot Dogs in paradise though, so I guess I am writing the line now.

I am taking random pictures out of the Canon folder from Hawaii for the next few days. Partially because there are more than 3000 pictures in the folder that I haven’t shared and partially because I can.


wandering Hawaii…

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