Hawaii from a car window :-)


Every city I’ve ever been to, I take a single or sometimes a group of pictures out the windows of the hotel where I am staying. Don’t ask me why, I started doing it in 1996 the first time I went to Seattle. It is something I do and have done.

This is from the hotel we stayed in our first night in Hawaii. We arrived in bursts to the airport but within an hour of each other so we waited and rode a shuttle to the hotel.

The hotel wasn’t directly on Waikiki beach but it was really close. Figure a two block walk to the beach.


Picture from a driving car of the ocean. Again I am pretty sure this picture was on Maui. We were heading to a whaling museum. I have to say that 5 years ago Nick would not have been able to go into that museum. He has such a sensitive soul. He went trough but I can say that I almost couldn’t. The brutality of whaling is just horrible. The tools, the pictures it was really bad.

The time in Hawaii was magical. Seeing all the islands (previously I had been to Lanai and Oahu) was amazing.  Each island has a unique flavor and majesty. The scenes and scenery at each island unique. I’ve been to many places in the world. There is something about going somewhere for work and going somewhere to vacation that simply is a huge difference.


When you travel for work you don’t sight see as much because during the prime sight seeing hours you are working. My first trip to Hawaii I was working for a company and had to visit Pearl Harbor. It was cool to get to see the non-tourist side of the memorial and to see the island but I was only there 3 days. The second time was on Lanai and it was a wonderful vacation, but we only saw two of the islands. So this time was magical to see 4 islands and enjoy the wonder of each.

I am still fascinated by the thought of a volcano rising up from the ocean floor over millions of years to burst above the ocean and become an island. Once a volcano rock, now soil and plants. Simply amazing what can happen when you mix time and rock together.


The sounds of the ocean lull me to sleep

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