Wandering Hawaii, and remembering fishing

For the remainder of the 2990 pictures (I won’t post all of them, not all of them are good and while I post everything its more I don’t want to post a bunch of pictures I know are bad).109A0027

The new system is a pick a number. Right now I am doing the initial (01 to 100 and then 100 and 200) today’s number was 27. So this represents the 27th picture taken in Hawaii. This one as the sun was setting the very first night.

We walked along the beach at Waikiki both before and after dinner that night. It is a magical beach. We ended up with a direct flight from Washington Dulles to Honolulu. Other family members had two or three hop flights. That night we split up into two groups for dinner. Jakki, Becca and the Boys went to get Vietnamese food. The rest of us ate at a local style Hawiian place.


When I was little my grandfather would put me in the boat and take me around the lake to get me to sleep. Apparently I wasn’t the best napper as a child. I don’t remember grandpa Ray doing that but I was told by him, grandma, mom and dad as well as Uncle and Aunt that it happened. The not a good napper part usually was the lead into the story.

Water is a huge part of what I love. I can’t wait to get back out on the water again, to be on the ocean in a boat heading away from land to see where the trade winds will take us. Dad used to take us fishing, a friend and I in the canoe on Lake Monroe. He would paddle and snap pictures while my friend and I would fish.


Driving along the ocean on Maui again. Back to the fishing, we used to head down to Lake Monroe at 5 am. Dad, then, was the only human being alive that got up that early. Now, I can’t sleep much past 5 am. He cursed me with getting up early.

We would drive down to the lake and put the canoe in usually at Allen’s creek. Sometimes we would be on the other side of the lake at Salt Creek or Crooked creek. We would fish for 2-3 hours. I doubt the entire time we fished lake Monroe we caught anything we could keep. We never lake Monroe well enough to know where the fish were. We knew roughly where there might be fish and we often caught a few Blue Gills (sometimes called Sunfish) but never ones large enough to eat. We were learning the lake. It takes practice or it takes technology. You can quickly learn a lake with technology. We didn’t have that at the time. It was available but hard to mount on a canoe.

A good friend emailed me recently and said why are the blogs always about the pictures. They are always about the memories the pictures produce in me. Not just the picture, but the evoked memories!


I miss fishing with my grandpa and my dad.

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