Gentle tropical breeze and two way roads…


There is something about the palm trees. I remember in Thailand there were trained monkeys that would climb the trees and harvest the ripe coconuts. Dad took pictures of that when we went to Thailand the first time (without us). He said he didn’t pay attention and got close to the tree to take the picture, the monkey nearly dropped the coconut on his head.

So graceful in the tropical breeze. There is a majesty in trees that is amazing. Trees are strong. The rustling of leaves bringing a harmony of wind and leaves. They move with great wind. Swaying a little and moving with the pressure of the wind. Amazing how they reach for the heavens. Some trees have deep roots that are strong. Some, because of where they grow have broad roots and are still pretty strong.


The Ocean on Maui from the highway. I think Jakki took over 100 pictures as we drove along the shore. We ended up at a town where we had lunch and wandered around. Lots of fun t-shirts and other Hawaii artifacts. We bought all that stuff at the swap meet in Honolulu so didn’t spend much money at the town. There was some really nice jewelry and other finery though.

It was a wonderful day, wandering around taking pictures and seeing the Ocean. I’ve said it before but it is true, I love the ocean. Sitting by the ocean while eating lunch is one of my favorite things. Having fresh sushi, while sitting by the ocean and eating lunch is even better Smile.


Still from a car window – the good news is we have absolute proof they have two way roads in Hawaii. You can clearly see the yellow marker between the two lanes.

Good or bad, share your pictures. These, which I know realize are many more than 100 pictures of being along the ocean in Maui, in fact may be closer to 200 pictures taken from the rear seat.

You never know when you will inspire someone to take more, share more and have more pictures. By the way, the best picture player ever? Amazon Prime + Amazon Fire TV. Free storage of all your pictures with Prime. Fire TV plays all the pictures stored in your Amazon cloud drive. It is amazing to be able to scroll through the pictures quickly on the big screen.


Amazon Fan

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