Todays number is 93 (193 and 293) for pictures….

109A0093Ports are interesting places, you have a mix of pleasure and working craft as well as in Hawaii add the people with stand up surf boards (that looked like a lot of fun, I however have no balance so probably would have fallen off).

Even in the harbor with craft coming in and out all the time the water is still blue. Rivers tend towards brown, the ocean towards blue. My experience with boats are lakes and rivers so I am looking forward to being able to boat on the ocean. In Cincinnati when we were on the Ohio you had to clean your boat every year it was on the river. There was always a film on the boat.


Lots of pictures of Maui from the car on the way to the museum and the beach. You can’t miss the blending of blue sky into blue ocean. There is something about vacations that makes places magical. We’ve taken a few over the years (and are planning more for the coming years). Hawaii, Thailand, a couple of cruises (one to the Bahamas and one around the Caribbean), Mexico and a number of parks in the Midwestern US. Each of them has magical memories. Many of our vacation swore day trips because back in the day I was flying out every week and the thought of flying one more time was more than I could take. When you fly 100,000 miles a year or more flying stops being interesting and just becomes a means to an end.


Its amazing when you think about it, that they rise high enough to be in the clouds. All the way from the ocean floor. It is just amazing. I wondered a number of times. I used to collect rocks when I was little. Nothing big just the various types of fossils and rocks found in southern Indiana. My dad actually collected rocks from around the world. He was fascinated by geology. He was fascinated by science in general but geology was intriguing to him. I remember him taking me to the Geology building at IU a few times to talk to various professors. We always stopped by the USGS seismograph that was located in the building to see seismic activity. It was always a cool trip. It is one of the reasons I love gadgets so much. I am always looking for that one device to give all sorts of readings (did you know an accerlomter makes a small seismic reader?).


Hawaii is amazing

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