The wonder of liquid rock and pictures of roads…

Still racing along the highway on Maui. I didn’t realize just how many pictures Jakki took that day. I guess driving wise I wasn’t paying a lot of attention.109A0185

Lava is interesting. It is hard as a rock (joke). Yet, it at one time conformed to the shape of a container (liquid). Or it went where it wanted to regardless of container. I love the flowing quality of the rock, I suspect however if your house was in the way of that flow it wouldn’t be as pretty.

What’s really cool is the slight upward slope that sometimes occurs along the sea shore. Where the lave stops flowing suddenly as it is rapidly cooled by the sea water. So it ends up stacking up and builds a slight upward slope. It is amazing to climb those and look around. To realize that the rock below your feet once flowed like really slow water. Just an amazing experience to be so close to what once was much closer to the core of the earth. 

Now, actually spending time identifying the components of those rocks – boring. But wondering how they got there? Really cool!


My new photo book is entitled the water around Hawaii does it go all the way around the island Winking smile (joke!!!!!).

This near the restaurant we ate at for lunch that day. We walked and looked and shopped at the various places along the beach. Each of us got various things meant to remind us of the trip. Me, I got pictures. More than 3500 of them in all. To remind me of the moments. This one, the gentle Pacific lapping at the beach was simply amazing.

I love the many sands of Hawaii. White, brown, black the sand is simply amazing.


The second book of pictures we are going to publish has my co-authors name all over it. The roads of Hawaii! (by Jakki).

I didn’t realize how many she was taking.

I love this one however. Road, Ocean and Volcano. It is the combination of human, the birth place of life on earth and the violence of mother nature. Kind of a cool combination. Which in the end will change the planet more?

Its peaceful to review these pictures in the morning and share them with the world. I am going to go back in a couple of weeks and start sharing some of my dad’s older slides. But for now we continue to wander Hawaii!


Wander Hawaii

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