The continuing saga of roads on Maui and for a change pictures of things by a road in Maui…

This one of cars, and road I can’t blame on Jakki while I was driving. I took this picture (that’s Jakki just in front of me there).109A0386

This one I took mostly because of the leaning palm trees. I found it intriguing that their root systems would support this much leaning. I wonder about thing like that. Or, as young trees was there a tremendous storm that pushed them to the right? Paradise has its flaws, bad storms would be one of them. Volcano’s as well. No matter where you live there is always a reason why it is the best place on earth and the worst place. For me the best place is where I vacation, the not best place is where I work. My biggest pet peeve is traffic right now. Which, driving in the DC area is probably the worst part of being in the DC area. I do actually like being near everything and all the museums and things to do.


The concept of fire prevention and ultimately fire suppression. The whimsey of the photographer. Ok, none of either of those. I just thought it was cool. A fire hydrant. Seems a funny thing to be intriged by but then I am the guy that took the picture of the leaning trees. There are times when I am walking around (and wlaking is my preferred excerise and mode of travel even on vacation) I just get over come by a thought. In this case it was a fire hydrant. I wonder if Dylan has finally convinced me to be looking for places to walk where dogs can pee? Or is it just that I see things and they stick in my head? The thing I lament often is I take this picture but I miss the one just to the right. Or just to the left that was even more interesting. I don’t have the eye of a photographer.


“Hey isn’t that (insert favorite celebrity name here)?” Or is it? Who will ever know. The obscured face routine. I have many pictures of children (all of my mothers grandchildren in fact) with their faces obscured. Or of them making faces. I remember a line uttered by Michael Keaton once “No pictures in the holy compound.” the short or movie that is in has long escaped me. But I do remember that line. I think they were in a hot tub and Mr. Keaton was a guru or cult leader. Anyway hard to take pictures of people that don’t want their picture taken. The beauty of digital is you just keep taking pictures. Eventually you will get one of them actually smiling without the cap in front of their face. Sometimes you can get all of them smiling, but those moments are rare.


Digital photog

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