Good morning Raven and back to Hawaii…


There are dogs that join your family and the family adjusts around them. There are dogs that join your family and well the family moves two steps to the right, not to adjust but to embrace. Raven is a force of nature. Small problem with eating everything in the pantry when given the chance but she is the sweetest dog.

She choose the boys as hers the first day she was in the house. She yells at them and bosses them around. Its really kind of funny. When Raven doesn’t want to do something she plops. Literally just becomes a bag of bones and you can’t move her. But she loves her boys.  Raven had a tough time  before she joined us. She is like Dylan and Tamsyn a Rescue dog.

When we were on Maui we ended up at this really cool outdoor mall. The next photo is a picture of the malls pavilion.


The whaling museum was in the mall. It wasn’t bad it was a well done museum it was just scary for me. I had nightmares that night about what I saw. Not that I am a flower that needs protection. I’ve seen a number of things in my life that were unpleasant. Its just that was a way of life for a lot of people and I guess I don’t understand.

The mall reminded me so much of Bangkok when I was  a kid. Well Bangkok now but when I was a kid it was still more traditional where as now it is a little more like every other city on earth. I used to think that cities were moving towards the western model. I realized that the western model had evolved and that big cities were moving towards the big city model. A combination of the best of eastern and western city components. I guess its why I love cities that are still a mix of old and new. It just is more interesting to me.


Then you have pictures that convey a message. As the photographer I took this picture to show something. What? I don’t recall. It was near the water fall used in Fantasy Island. There was a part for the native bird behind that fence. But why that particular section of fence as a picture I do not know. I understand why photographers don’t share their images based on this picture. But you have the share. The beauty of digital pictures you take is you can make a billion copies and keep on copying! Just like the old Carpenters Song “sing, sing a son” don’t worry if they aren’t professional pictures. Few of us have the magical eye to take the greatest picture. It’s the stories you tell with the pictures if you aren’t a good photographer. Or better if you are good photographer and not a good writer than it’s the images you share. Put them out there. The new world order is all about snapping a moment and sharing it. I believe you should share all the moments. Even the ones before the digital age. Even the ones that you feel aren’t good enough.


Avid Photo Sharer…

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