Still wandering Hawaii–so far more than 40 blogs for just over 13 days :-)


109A0405The picture taken because this looks like an airplane wing and the view out an airplane window, it isn’t but it looks like it. I think the one thing that amazed me, but also made me really happy, was all the solar power in Hawaii. I installed a solar system on my house almost a year ago now. It seems like the best way to reduce the footprint of a house. I am not sure why more people don’t install solar. At the least you can get a system from Solar City and reduce your overall electric bill by 30%. Who doesn’t want money back. Or for that matter who doesn’t want to pay less money for what they are using anyway? It seems strange to read that people don’t believe in the impact and end game that is global warming. Time to put solar on your roof and reduce your impact on the world!


The power and majesty of the volcano. If you can imagine. It built the islands. Smile Its interesting when you think about the plants on the island. They are different than you find on the mainland. First off there are many plants that have flowers year round. Its not the bloom in April/May and well not bloom the rest of the year. Plants that adapted to the environment they were in.

Plus growing in soil that has a very different composition than on the mainland. Interesting the diversity of nature when you think about it, the wonder and ability of nature to adjust to the environment it is in. It was an overcast day but still simply gorgeous.


For the world is hollow and I have touched the sky. The mixture of volcanic steam and clouds made for an interesting experience on top of the mountain. They are 10,000 feet above sea level (but 30,000 feet above the sea floor) so it feels like the clouds should be higher. But there they are, perched on top of the volcano’s like the Grinch’s Santie Clause robe.

Amazing time. A huge thank you to my mother and sisters for arranging all of the trip and events. It was nice to just be with family for two weeks. You forget how much family means during the week. The old adage “when you are up to your neck in alligators its hard to remember your original job was drain the swamp.” So thank you to all three of you for organizing and putting all of this event together. Family is everything and while the reason for the trip was sad to begin with, the celebration of the teacher continues forever.


Hans Andersen was a grand man!

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