Hawaii from a car window :-)


Every city I’ve ever been to, I take a single or sometimes a group of pictures out the windows of the hotel where I am staying. Don’t ask me why, I started doing it in 1996 the first time I went to Seattle. It is something I do and have done.

This is from the hotel we stayed in our first night in Hawaii. We arrived in bursts to the airport but within an hour of each other so we waited and rode a shuttle to the hotel.

The hotel wasn’t directly on Waikiki beach but it was really close. Figure a two block walk to the beach.


Picture from a driving car of the ocean. Again I am pretty sure this picture was on Maui. We were heading to a whaling museum. I have to say that 5 years ago Nick would not have been able to go into that museum. He has such a sensitive soul. He went trough but I can say that I almost couldn’t. The brutality of whaling is just horrible. The tools, the pictures it was really bad.

The time in Hawaii was magical. Seeing all the islands (previously I had been to Lanai and Oahu) was amazing.  Each island has a unique flavor and majesty. The scenes and scenery at each island unique. I’ve been to many places in the world. There is something about going somewhere for work and going somewhere to vacation that simply is a huge difference.


When you travel for work you don’t sight see as much because during the prime sight seeing hours you are working. My first trip to Hawaii I was working for a company and had to visit Pearl Harbor. It was cool to get to see the non-tourist side of the memorial and to see the island but I was only there 3 days. The second time was on Lanai and it was a wonderful vacation, but we only saw two of the islands. So this time was magical to see 4 islands and enjoy the wonder of each.

I am still fascinated by the thought of a volcano rising up from the ocean floor over millions of years to burst above the ocean and become an island. Once a volcano rock, now soil and plants. Simply amazing what can happen when you mix time and rock together.


The sounds of the ocean lull me to sleep

Two islands, one flower and a magical trip…

The Ocean Blue be109A0167side me as I drive. The world beneath a pale blue sky.

There are moments, this isn’t one of them but you get the drift. Taken from a moving car the picture shows both the wonder and the difference. Imagine, several hundred years ago arriving on these islands in an outrigger. This image is from Maui I believe. We rented cars and headed off across the island for a relaxing day.

Traveling across the ocean not with a plan in the sense of getting on an airplane to vacation in Hawaii. Traveling to find a better place, somewhere you can live in peace and enjoy the world around you. There was wanderlust in the people of Polynesia. It is amazing if you think about it, they island hopped across the largest body of water on the planet without knowing that when they hopped they would actually land.


I know, it’s a disease. Maybe my camera is defective (as my father’s was) and cannot pass by a flower without the auto shutter turning on and resulting in a picture.

Although this is such a delicate flower. The tropics has many flowers that are amazing. I remember that as a child from Thailand. In the US flowers are used as decorations intentionally. In Thailand they are also used often as decorations. But sometimes they are decorations because they are there rather than the more intentional planting and replanting of flowers here as the seasons change. They just bloom and make the world a prettier place because they can.


This outrigger on Waikiki beach. I took this picture because of the show Hawaii 5-0 (both the original and the new one). You see people getting into the outrigger and pushing out to see in the opening of both shows.

It really is a beautiful beach. The sand is a crisp white. The water a beautiful blue and access to the beach is so easy. Every 500 feet there is a feet cleaning station as you walk off the beach. The sunset was amazing that night as we spent our first day in Hawaii. We ended up eating in a local place for dinner. I had garlic shrimp (also from the TV Show). On a clear day you can see forever.

There are days you just want to go home…

109A0494Its tough being 17 and stuck with your whole family on a cruise ship where you can’t get off and you actually have to occasionally sit and talk to them.

Luckily there are devices so you can play games with people that are 4000 miles away Smile that you never see in person anyway. Because you always play games with them online.

I am teasing Nick of course. They had a good time, but Luke made us walk the stairs so Nick was tired.


Coming into a busy port is interesting. Based on the island thing the ports of the Hawaiian islands are very busy. They are not Baltimore busy, where half the imported cars for America come to one place. They are however extremely busy.

They do have the traditional Polynesian feel though so there is a good mix of fishing, pleasure and working boats. A lot of people doing the stand up surf board thing right in the actual harbor. The cruise ship docked on the far side of the harbor with the inner portion left for smaller craft. When we had a boat on the Ohio river I can tell you that the impact of a large coal barge on the river was massive. As in it would create wakes that were 3-5 feet high and made the water really rough for awhile after passing.


Yes I am my fathers son. I say that with pride. There are more than 4000 pictures of plants, plant life and things a zoologist would love. Dad was a biology major as an undergrad and a zoology major for his masters. So lots of plants and animals few humans. Funny the thing that most people remember about my dad is that he was the most amazing teacher. He loved to teach. His last degree (from THE Indiana University) was in education (his PhD). Dad loved to take pictures of plants. So I took some of plants. I like to take pictures of flowers and have them on the desktop of my various computers. Dad, just put them in a big container with all the other slides and then sealed them with duct tape. Part of the family history project was opening a box that had been sealed since mom and dad had moved from the Farm back into town. At the point Matt and I opened the box it had been sealed for 20 years. There were some amazing pictures in that box.


still enjoying pictures of Hawaii

Random Hawaii (and happy Birthday Lynne a day late)


When something or someplace is so beautiful that even with fog it is well still amazing, then you take a bad picture and try when explaining why to explain this.

It was an amazing sight. One I will never forget. My ability to express the moment, the view and ultimately what happened is less with the picture than with words. It is just amazing to me. Not that these unique, I grew in hills. I’ve been to many of the largest mountain ranges on earth. More that these, rather than two plates colliding and pushing rock into the air these are made by layer after layer of molten rock pouring from the volcano and building on the last 2000 eruptions. Amazing.


Its all about shipping when you are an island and most of the ports of Hawaii have a Matson facility. Living near Baltimore container ships are something I’ve seen a number of items, but you don’t think about it as much (de rigor) until on the islands you realize that is a primary life line for things in and out of the islands.

Cars, small boats and a number of other items arrive to the islands in boats. Most likely on a container ship as the containers pop right on the back of a semi truck. It makes the transition from ship to shore  a lot faster in the end. You only have to pop the container off and onto the truck and away you go.


Ah the ocean, and from shore (you can tell by the breakers). As we wandered from island to island, stopping each day to explore a new island we got to see the ocean everyday.

We had a nice lunch on shore at a local restaurant. Well that was stupid, when  you are somewhere all restaurants are local. It was relaxing and peaceful eating by the sea shore and watching the world wander by. I could live by the sea, but if I did I would never get any work done. I would just sit there and watch the water. I think water is the most peaceful and quiet reflective well just throwing adjectives out now. I love being on, near or in the water.


water boy

It’s the moments I captured. Looking back at some of them I wonder what was I thinking?


Pulling a cruise ship into a harbor is impressive. First off all you don’t feel the bumps you feel with a smaller boat. You slide into the dock and come to a virtual stop. The cruise ship is so large you really don’t feel much of the process. I sat up on the top deck a couple of times as we came into port. Not from any sense of fear but from the sense of adventure watching as the ship came into port.

Plus you can sit up top, drink coffee (or beer when you come into port in the afternoon) and relax and watch work. I bought dad a sign for his office many years ago and he had it in his office from that point on. It’s a picture of a monkey saying “Work fascinates me, I can sit and watch it for hours.”


Heading via car on an adventure wandering along the coast of one of the Islands (I think Maui but not completely sure). Jakki took the pictures from the car window. The sea was a gorgeous blue so we had to take the pictures as we caravanned along the road. We tried two different rental models in Hawaii. The last few days we rented a couple of mini vans. The first couple of times we rented passenger cars. Sadly after all the years of traveling I don’t really care what I drive. If I am driving my car I am comfortable. If I am driving a rental car I don’t really care. I have driven virtually every kind of rental car over the years. From the nice ones to the really crappy ones. It was kind of fun a few times to drive an H2 when they first came out but after a while its just a car.


Of course there are beaches in Hawaii. Some of the finest beaches in the world. Black sand, white sand, we walked on and through quite a few beaches. For some reason on quite a few of the beaches I took pictures of coconuts that had washed up on shore. Don’t ask me why, I don’t have an explanation. I just did it.

Vacations and other family moments are something you hang on to, keep in the front of mind. Every picture from Hawaii has a moment associated with it. It was a moment  that I captured because it was important to me. Not, that I was the only person there, just the one taking the most pictures. Everyone else took moments via cell phones and other cameras but as my father before me I took a lot of pictures. I have a lot more to share!!!


bad photographer

Volcano National Park and a view of the Ocean….


Another picture from Volcano national park. It was one place in Hawaii I had not gone in my two previous trips. So this was a treat. Luke and I walked around looking at the crater of the volcano and the steam vents. The crater is of course beyond description, massive and well when you see it it just looks like a big hole in the ground. Then you stop for a second and think about it, and you realize it is a hole to the center of the earth.

Well, sorry to Mr. Verne but not quite the center of the earth. Mostly just below the crust to the magma layer but still it is amazing to think it is liquid rock.


Every flower represents a mix of fragile, beauty and something critical for the ecosystem. They are unique and amazing. Plus I learned to take pictures of flowers from my father, who learned from his sister. So it’s a long family tradition of taking pictures of flowers.

I did a close up of these because they seemed so out of place, these tiny fragile flowers at the edge of a volcano. Somehow that doesn’t quite fit for me. I know it is the way of the world and the flowers come when the soil is ready. But it seems strange that just over the ledge from these tiny flowers is a cauldron formed by liquid rock that has cooled. I guess the difference and delta is not to be understood.


The edges of the tropical depression made the skies gray several days we were there. I suspect there were folks on the cruise that were disappointed by that. I believe all the family members of ours on the trip had been to Thailand so they were used to tropics are sometimes gray skies.

It’s a different kind of rain that doesn’t last as long. It is extremely intense rain but it falls for a short time and then moves on. Plus the advantage in the tropics of gray skies is that the sun can’t bake you into oblivion. The sun is the enemy in the tropics. I remember feeling the heat walking around Bangkok. It was so hot one time I even willingly went into a fabric shop. I have only one time in my entire life willingly gone into a fabric shop. It was an afternoon mom and I were running errands in Bangkok. So hot we couldn’t take it and the gods hate me. The only air conditioned shop in the entire block was a fabric store. I am sure mom got a chuckle out of me agreeing to go into the fabric store.


Fabric store boycotter

Random pictures of Hawaii and thoughts about the islands…

109A2603Climbing the long trail to the lighthouse on the south side of the island of Maui. The Ocean in the distance and a boy’s shoulder there on the right edge of the photograph.

I am not a good photographer so I take a lot of pictures and hope that I get the occasional good one. But, I am sharing as many of them as I can in my blog. Its better to share 100 bad pictures with the stories that go with them then to never share a picture at all. It doesn’t matter in the end if you are a good photographer. It matters that those pictures are shared with other people. The joy of Facebook is that more people are able to share more pictures.


We took 2600 pictures in Hawaii with just the good camera (and more than 3000 pictures if you include cell phones, point and shoot camera etc.). So this picture is actually from the Cruise. There is a restful quiet being out at sea. I am entranced by the concept of water.

Every place on earth has its problems. While we were in Hawaii a hurricane was threatening and one hit just after we left. Paradise has weather just like home does. The Pacific and the Atlantic meet, share water molecules and really are one large ocean. But we have to name them different things. We have to create separation because that’s the way we are. The ocean is one vast ecosystem. It isn’t, like land separated into artificial borders. Whales don’t stop dolphins and say let me see your passport.


Forbidding and yet familiar as in you’ve probably seen this picture before. Parts of a number of different movies and every Hawaiian travel brochure ever.

I love the way lava flows. It really makes the island unique. As I have said before they are massive mountains stretching far below the water’s surface to the ocean floor.

Amazing creations and in the Volcano national park you can see the active volcano’s still churning out new parts of the island every day. Simply an amazing place. Thanks again mom!!!!!!


Random pictures of Hawaii