My father used to say if you can’t dazzle them with brilliance…


Over thousands of years lava builds up. Hard solid rock that cools and creates these mountains. But over millions of years rain and plant roots break up the rock and create soil. Some is the plant and animal life decaying but some is the march of time.

Even mighty volcano’s fall to erosion. Water is the most powerful force on earth. It is the cradle of life, it keeps the plant stable and provides the essential pieces of life. We carry the primordial sea within us. The salt and chemical content of the sea that existed when the first mammals appeared. Amazing when you think that what is here isn’t what the volcano spit out, it is millions of years of change.


That water revealed. Not the water from the picture above, although some of this water probably once sat on the volcano top and caused erosion carrying it down to the Pacific Ocean. In the distance the breakers and boats. You can fish for fun, fish for food or fish as a profession. Fishing is a peaceful activity. My grandfather always told me “fish slow.” mostly because as a child I would rush into doing things and he would remind me not to rush. “Fish know” he would say. I wondered when I was 9 what he meant. When I was 20 I still wondered. Fish know what? Fish know that I hurried to the dock? That I hurried to throw a hook into the water? When I was 30 I found out what fish know. They know to wait. They know that time is on their side. So relax. Sometimes its ok to fish with an empty hook. If you don’t catch anything but a great conversation, you have still caught something.


Some photographers have it. My father had it. My daughter Jakki has one as well. It is the ability to look at a moment and see the photograph as you take it. Me I was born to operate a digital camera. Because for every nice picture I take there are ones like this one. Yea verily there is traffic in Hawaii. They have paved parts of paradise and allowed cars onto the island. The roads are contained and enclosed because you don’t want cars, once on the island, off the island and in the ocean. So I couldn’t tell you in the end why this picture. This moment this whatever it is. I wish I had the eye. Like I said I was born just before the age of digital cameras. Luckily my eye works with digital. I can take 300 pictures of a moment and catch the good one. If they ever need to recreate a scene I was in you can quickly do that – I keep all the pictures. So you dig into the folder Hawaii 2015 and you will find everything around a moment. The one good thing about digital is I can take a lot of bad pictures!


Bad Eye, Digital Camera User

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