Sad news and one last set of Hawaiian pictures (for now)

First off a sad note. A good person passed away yesterday. Jason Oldham was part of the Microsoft Indiana team and a member of the local Indianapolis Band “The Audio Hit men” he was a really nice person and a great addition to this world he will be missed.109A1006

Back to the morning study I conducted. Every day for five days. I am wandering to some of my dad’s slides and pictures starting tomorrow so this is the last of Hawaii for awhile. I worked on my blogs in the morning. Although they were later that week than normal as 430 am Hawaiian time was 5 hours later than I normally posted blogs. So while this was the sun rising over the pacific it was later than the normal posting of the sun rising in Maryland.

It amazes me that the clouds are always around the volcano’s. It looks like a crown or a fur collar for the volcano. Kind of cool and really fun to see. I took a lot of pictures of that. I have a lot of pictures of the various people that were on the trip as well. But I can’t post as many of those as I sometimes get in trouble with the various people for posting pictures that aren’t the best possible picture of the person. (that actually is mostly Jakki, Nick and Luke for that particular complaint).


This one is to the left of the one above and about five minutes later. Straight across the bay from the resort we were staying at. I took a lot of these early morning studies. It was a fun activity to show the creeping of light across the landscape.

Plus it gave me a chance to play with the camera a bit and discover what I could and couldn’t do. For the most part it was what I couldn’t do well but that takes time and well lots of pictures. Luckily I had a memory card and an itchy trigger finger. So the lots of pictures did in the end produce a few really good ones. Family history project II will  be compiling all these picture blogs into a book for my family.


One flower there on the left. Other than that not much to see in this picture. It is a nice view of grass in the end. Not sure what I was thinking I am sure at the moment I clicked it made perfect sense. Still it is a wonderful picture to share of Hawaii. Yes, grass and green stuff grows there in the volcanic soil. Chickens run wild (I’ve talked about that before) and the ocean laps at the shore.

It was an amazing trip. Tomorrow we are back to the scanned slides from the family history project. There are many more days of family history project to be shared! We may even get to the many years of Spring Mill state park in Southern Indiana.


family historian…

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