One more day left of Carousel 3 and Thank you to everyone that ever served. Your gift is remembered today.

carousel 025

In 1972 Thailand was vastly different than it is now. Bangkok is a cosmopolitan city now, beautiful but less a mix of old and new. Certainly there are many places where the old still exists but not as much now as then. In 1972 the country was growing rapidly. It is a nation that produces much more food than it consumes. It is also the land of smiles. The people didn’t change in the 32 years between visits the city did.

It’s a new landscape now. Beautiful buildings, new airport and less people carrying food through the streets. The Klongs (canals) are lowly disappearing. The river remains the center of the city but it is a different place now.  All of us shared Bangkok with our families, we spent a week with mom and dad there each group. Seeing the Bangkok that was now. I got to go back another time a couple of years later and visit mom, dad and Miss Hart on the way back from Malaysia. I managed to pull a grandpa Ray on Mom and Miss Hart and paid for lunch. That was a lot of fun!

carousel 020

Couple of authors notes here: First off the slides are in the order scanned for carousel 3, so there may have been some modification of the actual order. But the physical slides (125) all came from the same Carousel.

Another view of the Sunday market. Boy did we love going there. Before we left for Thailand our big Sunday event was wandering over to Baskin Robbins and having Ice Cream. I always wanted to get the same flavor as dad. He always picked the best flavor. As I got older I found myself picking the same flavor over and over, but hewn I was little I wanted the same as dad.

Ah the magic of that Sunday market. I will remember the sounds and smells the rest of my life.

carousel 015

It was a magical place. The stalls filled with fruits and vegetables, meat things I had never seen before. Or had seen but only in a Jock Cousteau special, there on the television. Now, ready to be eaten there in front of me. At the time I was terrified of anything new food wise. I would try things, but the range wasn’t as great then as it is now.

Dad was a veteran. He served during the Korean Conflict although he never left Kansas. Grandpa Ole was a veteran during WWI. Les Ralstin (my father in law) served during WWII in the Pacific. Those who serve, who risk everything so that rest of us can be free deserve this day. It is a day when you should walk up to anyone that ever served and say “Thank you for your service.” Give money today to the wounded warriors project. Remember those who paid with their lives so that we can be free.


Cherishing those who served.

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