Carousel #1, Thailand, students, Elephants and MONKEYS!!!!!

carousel 001

By a twist of fate (and a single space) this is actually the first picture of the first Carousel. There was a space between Carousel # 3 that makes it number one in the list. Such a majestic creature the elephant and a huge part of Thai culture. They still assist with the Teak wood harvesting throughout Thailand. Intelligent creatures and amazing to see up close. What a wonderful picture of the sky and the elephant.

At the time I was there I loved these pictures. Now with Elephants disappearing at a rapid rate I worry. I worry about a lot of creatures but Elephants are amazing and I hope more is done to preserve the ones that are left.

carousel 005

Monkeys play a pivotal role in Thailand. There are religious places that are devoted to Monkeys. They are also like Elephants amazing creatures.

Zoos and animal parks in Thailand in 1972 weren’t the walled enclosures of American Zoos of that time. You could walk up and directly interact with the animals (its why mom never took us to the snake exposition. She hates snakes and they actually take them out and have you hold them. Our neighbors took Lynne and I. Mom wouldn’t let Barb go with us). But Monkeys also exist in the wild that at that time was a lot closer to the city than it is now.

carousel 010

I feel like I know the people in this picture. Their faces are familiar but names are lost for me now. I suspect these were dad’s students. Dad had a lot students over the years. They all loved him. They would come back to him for advice and guidance years later. When I was in college the first couple of years I was outside the school of education. When I decided to become a teacher, dad said “eat lunch in my office.” So I did eat lunch with dad almost every day for a year. As a senior dad invited me and a number of my friends as well. We ended up having a lunch crew in his office. I don’t think dad intended for that to happen, but I know he loved it. People loved hanging out with dad. He was almost as funny as I am! The more I think about it years later I suspect in fact dad did want that lunch crew to happen. He was all about students and helping others achieve their goals.


Family Historian

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