Wandering Bangkok and then a side trip to music I love!

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I think my happiest memory of Thailand is of running around the old town park/museum. Or possibly coming home from school hot and exhausted and mom saying – go ahead jump in the pool. She would have Barb and Lynne there in the pool already and I would walk into the pool on occasion in my school uniform.

School uniform for the Bangkok Patana School (BPS) was never something I really enjoyed. I know uniforms are supposed to make everyone the same. But I always felt odd in a uniform in school. I wasn’t the same as most of the other kids. They grew up in the quieter British school system. I was taught to ask questions and to find answers. So on occasion I may have talked in class.

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This looks like the IPST building from a distance. That was where dad worked while we were there.  I remember vesting data at his office a couple of times but not as often as we did back in Bloomington. Years later we would stay there when we went to visit mom and dad in Thailand.

Back when Barb was old enough to be left in with Lynne and I both mom and dad would end up working on Saturdays. Dad would usually work until noon. He would have either Lynne or I make lunch (often Mac’n’cheese and burgers) and then dad would appear right about the time professional wrestling was on.

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There is a magic in the music of Southeast Asia. I still listen to it 40 years later. Its different kinds of instruments than European music but frankly I love both. My favorite music remains classic rock, in particular the music of the Legend, Neil Young. I own every album he ever released. Mostly because of one album he produced. His epic 1972 album Harvest. Two songs of which were played contently on Armed Forced Radio (Heart of Gold and Old Man). But there are so many other great songs on that album. A man needs a maid is a haunting song about the difference between men and women. Heart of Gold however remains my all time favorite song. When it comes on the radio I will sing it will Neil. It is after a fine line. All of us search for that one heart that beats true.


Family Historian wandering a little far afield today…

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