Carousel 1, more amazing pictures of Thailand 1972

carousel 050

Dad took some amazing pictures. This one is stunning. The only problem I have with this picture is I have no clue where it is from. What a glorious setting and place but the memory attached to the image went with the photographer.

Its my every once in awhile plea for the Family History project. Do the combined project. Scan the pictures and then share the pictures so that everyone can see them, comment and create the more permanent memory of what the picture is. So take the time, write down the memory and share it with your family. They will comment, add thoughts and get the memory polished into a beautiful gem. It is a wonderful project!

carousel 055

This I recognize, not the where but the what. A water taxi stop along a river. Could be anywhere in Thailand but I do recognize the what of the building. In 1972 (not as much now) the Kalongs were the primary streets of the city. To get anywhere you were best on a Kong rather than a road. The roads were congested with cars and crazy taxi drivers. The Kalongs were fast and connected the entire city. The original city of water (much older than Venice) Bangkok’s water taxis were amazing. The water taxi drivers were less crazy than the regular taxi drivers. They could take 8-10 people per run so they didn’t have to quickly finish any one ride to get their next fare. The one thing I do remember about the Kalongs was, they smelled. The water was less active/more stagnant so it didn’t always have the most pleasant of odors.

carousel 060

For thousands of years of human history the river was the highway, the bath tub and the center of life. People clustered near the river because there was an abundance of food. When the river flooded it would leave behind rich silt that grew improved crops.

As the great cities burst onto the scene the river and its water became less vital. But it remained in 1972 a part of many Thai’s lives. Less so now with the much more modern Thailand. But then it was still central for many people.

Bangkok has moved away from the Kalongs. It has expanded out now, well beyond the river. But there are many that still vie life along the river. That are still bound to the world of that water.


Family Historian

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