The river (again) and memories of Temples and peace…Tree. Apple. Ocean.

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Another view of the ill fated canoe journey. Yes the canoe sank below river level when we got going fast. Yes as evidenced by the number of pictures my father thought it was hilarious.

Mom and I disagree about the where of the event. We don’t disagree about the after, dad and the crocodile comments. It was a blast. The rest of the family was sitting in a more stable boat. I guess they lacked a sense of adventure. Although I don’t think Barb at age 2/3 would have been given the option of being in the smaller boat. It was a fun trip down the river. Just glad we didn’t have to paddle upstream.

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I was always impressed by the willingness of Monks to be out and in the streets helping and being part of the city. The bright orange robes are visible everywhere.

It is a different perspective to take a year and learn the inner workings of a religion. I was always jealous of the understanding you would gain from that.

There is a majesty and a peace in going to the temples. So spending a lot of time there would be magical. I always felt at peace when I would visit one of the temples.

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No matter where you go in the world the religion of that area is important. Both that you should acknowledge the religion but also that it is something of value to people. As I said I found peace walking among the many Buddhist templates we visited. I know dad did as well, he actually told me that when I visited mom and dad on my way home from Malaysia. Dad wasn’t often at peace other than when he and mom were watching a movie. Certainly he wasn’t at peace watching IU Basketball games. Sometimes, when he was working in the yard you would see a face of relaxed. Or sometimes when he was teaching you see that relaxed face. Not that dad was tense or nervous just that he was always thinking. I spent a long time separating from my father. Being my own person. Going my own way. In the end he and I were more similar than I was able to admit then. But I am proud to admit now. To combine two things, a saying from my sons and an old adage. Tree, Apple, Ocean.

The thing I learned from my father that impacts me every day. Do what you love. If you are happy doing what you love to do, then the rest doesn’t feel so bad.


Family Historian

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