My father, educator. His model and his classroom…

Carousel 1 only had 80 slides so now we are on to Carousel 2, but our third overall.

carousel 006

Dad was a teacher at heart, by choice and by profession. He loved being in front of students. It was his passion. You could see it in his eyes and hear the change in his voice. His energy rose as he stood in front of students and like a great magician did a slow reveal – the universe shown.

Over the years at Indiana University dad had several offices. The first office I remember was right in the main area of Science Education, the lab area that was connected to the greenhouse. I remember because they had a refrigerator in the office. Dad would buy us a coke when we were there, and he collected the bottle caps for us (5 got you into the movie theater for a 1.25 on a sturdy afternoon for a Disney movie!).

carousel 010

As was his tradition lots of pictures of plants and trees. Dad loved trees and seasons. Apple trees by fair were his personal favorite. But fruit and nut trees always made him smile.

We planted once, more than 130 fruit and nut trees on the farm. It was a long three fall weekends of digging holes and making sure the trees got a solid start. We love 9 trees of all of the ones we planted that first year. I think dad cried with each lost tree. We lost many more than that over the course of the time the trees matured but initially we only lost 9. I remember because I had to dig them back up and replant new trees and by the time I got to 140 holes I was tired of digging!

carousel 015I am  a huge fan of the work of John Boyd and in particular the process he labeled OODA. The next slide is one my father created back in the 1970’s and is a science education and scientific model he called the inquiry method. Dad’s model was Observe, Explanation, Prediction and finally Confirmation. This fits nicely with the Observe, Orient, Decide and Act of John Boyd’s model. In both cases the model expects that the observer can be modified so that the end result can be also modified. It is interesting to me in that I grew up with Dad’s model and moved to Boyd’s model as a base late in my career.  The act of observation is critical both in the Inquiry model and the OODA Loop Model. It is after all about getting to the right answer. In the case of OODA loops it is about getting to decisions quickly. Inquiry is built to help make scientific observations in a structured and consistent manner. The two fit nicely together!


OODA and Inquiry Fan!

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