The most amazing picture of my sister, the woods and a smile that makes me wonder…


This is one of Dad’s digital pictures. He has about 2500 digital pictures taken between 2005 (when I gave him his first digital camera) and 2014 when he passed away.

Dad didn’t fully grasp the concept of a digital camera. Instead of reusing the memory card over and over he bought new ones. I ended up copying pictures off 40 smaller memory cards. Some of them I don’t think he ever looked at, just took the picture and moved on. The memory cards all went in a drawer in his desk. I guess it was enough for dad to know he took the picture. Sadly I thought that way for a long time. But I have realized though this project that pictures are best share. When you share pictures with other people they become real.

carousel 020

What a phenomenal picture. First off Barb was rather unique in Bangkok (little blond girl). But also having her sit on the bike taxi for this picture. She was very cute when she was younger. (she is very beautiful now but then she was cute).

None of us were very good at posing for dad’s pictures. I suspect it frustrated him, he didn’t often ask us to pose but when he did we weren’t the easiest subjects. Still this particular picture is amazing. It captured the streets of Bangkok in 1972. They are very different now. You couldn’t even find a bike cab on the street this was on now. It is wall to wall cars now.

carousel 025

He couldn’t get us to pose but he could virtually everyone else. Here is a smile from more than 40 years ago. I wonder sometimes what happened to the people, the ones I didn’t know at the time. The ones that were anonymous then, what happened to them?

This is an amazing smile and one that deserves a name. It deserves a story (that he grew up happy and became a doctor who saves children or that he invented a new way to storing digital pictures.). He deserves a story. I hope his story was happy.

Carousel 2, also 80 pictures like Carousel 1, so there are a couple more blogs worth of pictures. I am going to mix in some of dad’s digital pictures as well. Its only fitting that we wander the world as my father saw it.


Family historian (visual)

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