One missing smile, memories of the past and a missing plant.

carousel 045

Dad loved taking pictures of children and normally they would smile and laugh. Dad could be quite funny. For some reason this young girl wasn’t impressed by dad’s comedy.

It is a wonderful picture though. It is one of the many he took that as I find them I wonder about the person all the years later. What is this young lady doing? Is she a doctor? A lawyer? Leader of the regional government? A picture now more than 40 years old filled with potential and possible. As I look at these I am amazed by how good a photographer dad was. I am also struck with wondering, what became of the young girl in the picture?

carousel 050

The river gives and takes. For thousands of years people lived along the river. Over time the houses evolved. You can see it in the background on stilts. That way your stuff wasn’t washed away when the river decided to exceed its limits.

In 1972 when you got out of Bangkok this was the traditional homes you would see. That is different now, Thailand has a vibrant and growing economy and actually exports food to the rest of Southeast Asia. When I went back in 2004 I half expected to see this world still there, but it is not as wide spread now as it was then. I suppose if you get well away from Bangkok there are still people living as they have for the past 500 years. But near Bangkok now is modern.

carousel 055

My father by love was a biologist. He knew the Latin names of all the plants, and used to torture us by reciting Latin names as we hiked (at his request) into the wilderness. This image however is interesting. First I have no freaking clue what this image is. I don’t know if it is up-side-down or down-side-up. I don’t even know if it is supposed to be on its side or perhaps inverse.

It is of a plant. Dad loved to take pictures of plants. It is an interesting plant but I have no idea what it is.

I am sure there was a story that went with this. But the story is lost to me now. I looked at this picture in all four rotations and if I wasn’t following a set of rules I wouldn’t have posted this one. (every fifth picture of the Carousel). So here it is. Anyone know what this is? I am hoping it is not pictures of Opium pods or something that I shouldn’t have posted (like a human consuming Venus flytrap). So if you know comment or send me an email!


plant historian

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