There are 10 faces of people you will never remember…

carousel 060Steep roofs let the rain wash away from the house. Stilts keep the river below you, not around you. Teak lasts forever. A beautiful Thai house. Traditional in construction. A family lived here. Of course that family is not the same now as it was at the time of the epicure.

By family in the case of this home, it would be different than we often have in the US. Where a family in the US may have two, three or more homes here the family had one home. They would live under the same roof. They took care of their parents and grandparents all living together and taking care of each other. It is a more communal view of what family is than what we have in the US today.

carousel 065

Another picture, like the house above that has no story. There is no name for this person. There is no history of the last 40 years for this person. What she dreamed of being, what she wanted to be. What she became. I am a doctor. I am a teacher. I changed the world. I was an astronaut and looked upon the great blackness of space and found peace within myself. I became a great leader. I became a mother. No story other than what I could imagine. A wonderful picture of a person in a moment of time. Lost forever now in the history of what once was. A moment captured that has no connection to now, only to then. I wonder who she is.

There a few photos like this. But they have to be shared.

carousel 070

A school with children in Uniforms. This isn’t Bangkok Patana school (BPS) our uniforms were green squares and far more hideous. But you get the concept. Every child the same. No rodomont to make them unique. We were members of the school.

I learned about Rugby (I loved it) at BPS. I learned how bad I was at Soccer compared to people that had played it their whole lives. I  played Ping Pong and made it to the second round of the school tournament before I was annihilated by a student two years younger than me. I got a participation plague for finishing 3rd in the Butterfly at the school swim meet. I was introduced to the Lord of The Rings.


Remembering Bangkok

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