Pictures of the past, sometimes there aren’t any stories :-)

carousel 080

Picture of all of us (except dad he took the picture) somewhere in Thailand. Lynne is in front. Mom is hidden by Barb who is in her arms and I am on the bench looking down at something below.

Since none of my friends were there it was probably on a family outing somewhere near Bangkok. The where escapes me. I jumped up and looked in a lot of places while in Thailand.

Happy times make good memories. I remember this moment, but most likely because I have seen it since leaving Bangkok. Dad used to have slide shows from time to time showing off the many pictures he had put in the Carousels.

carousel 075

Every culture in the world has a way homes are aligned, schools are nestled into places and what people want to see. I know over the years as I have seen 100’s of homes that some things people have in their homes are things I wish I had. When I was younger I met someone in Seattle that had the best home theater I had ever seen. While I don’t want the huge speakers he had adorning his walls (I prefer the smaller electronic speakers) I did want a home theater. One that you could relax in and enjoy watching movies or sporting events.

There are other things over the years I’ve enjoyed in homes. My one thing from Thailand is a house on stilts. I love going to the beach and being in arouse on Stilts. I don’t know why that particular thing stuck with me but it did.

carousel 078These are the last pictures of Carousel 2, which is the 3rd Carousel I’ve shared. Tomorrow we move on to Carousel 3, full of who knows what. There are a few Carousels that have names (Thailand 1, Thailand 2) and for the most part the slides will be from the period 1970 to about 1990. I am not sure dad ever made a Carousel of pictures taken after 1990. There are a couple of vacations that I am I hoping to find some slides of as we wander through the 70’s. I would love to see pictures of Estes Park Colorado and pictures of Beaver Island Michigan.

This last slide of Carousel 2, shows a typical Thai River house of the 1970’s era. They are now long gone, houses like this. Mostly because the next flood that happened pushed them down river.


Family Historian

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