Dad’s pictures from Moscow. From when going to Moscow was a big deal!

carousel 001

Dad loved to take pictures of the unique and different. This church caught his eye. I suspect it is in one of three places. We will find out more as we unveil more pictures from this Carousel.

People would spend their lives on these buildings. Their entire lives. What today takes 3-4 years was a career when this Church was built. It could take you 20 years to finish something like this. There are massive churches (on in New York City) that have never truly been finished.

There are temples and churches that when you walk into the building you are hushed not by anything other than the majesty of the building itself. Notre Dame in Paris is such a building. Every time I go into that building I am awed by what was created. I’ve been four times in my life (11 years old, and then 3 more times in my 30’s and 40’s). It is the most amazing building in Paris other than the Arc and the Eiffel Tower.

carousel 005

Dad was in Moscow (when it was still the USSR). He was followed he said by KGB agents the entire time he was there. I think he was there for an NSTA event. It would have been the mid- late 80’s right before the great transition.

This is of Moscow and so is the other image. Dad was there about a week and showed us these slides once at Christmas. It is one of two places in the world dad went that I didn’t also go. Moscow and Papua New Guinea are the two places (He has been everywhere I have been so I have some catching up to do!). So bleak and dreamy this image of Moscow, yet I want more than anything to go!

carousel 010

That would appear to be dad there in the right corner of the picture. Don’t know what everyone is looking at. I would be more worried about the canon behind everyone firing. That bad boy would probably be pretty loud when it went off.

Anyway that might be dad.

Dad traveled a lot he loved traveling. It made him happy to see the world to know that people were similar all around the world. I know he loved Thailand more than anything. I remember him after he retired from Indiana University. He wasn’t happy about being forced to retire. I saw him two years later on my way home from Malaysia teaching in Thailand. He was alive and so happy.  Dad loved to teach.


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