Here is a moment, here is place. Your heart never has to stay here.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!!! Today at our house for the second time in the last four years I am not making the Thanksgiving Dinner and this time Lukas is making the meal all by himself. carousel 020

This picture taken most likely (36 pictures in a roll) in or near Moscow. Snow is on the ground. there was snow in the previous confirmed Moscow pictures. I am not sure what Dad was trying to capture with this image. It is really pretty but without a clear or known landmark it is hard to know what it was supposed to be. When I was 14 I was so jealous of dad. He got to travel for work, he went to Pakistan, Moscow, Saudi Arabia and back to Thailand. He was in Papua New Guinea and Australia. I really wanted to do that. Then later in my career I got to travel like that and I found the pain and loneliness that you get when you are away from your family in another world. Yes it is fun to travel, but it is more fun to travel with your family.

carousel 025

So you see families everywhere when you are traveling alone. It is as if the country where you are suddenly declared being single against the law (expect for visitors) and everyone was married with children. I would see them and take pictures of the family I missed. Dad did that a number of times over the years as well. This family walking in the snow somewhere near Moscow Russia. Back to quote the song in the USSR.

Once I knew that loneliness that feeling of doing the right thing (making money and a career to help your family) but the sheer loneliness of being along I understood a lot of what dad went through. He was trying to do the right thing. He did do the right thing.

Here is a moment in time. It is where you are physically at any moment. But your heart is home. Even when carousel 029you are 12,000 miles away eating prime rib in a catered affair and your family is huddled around the fire place in the dead of winter eating fish sticks. Don’t call them and tell them you are eating prime rib. You never tell them that when they are eating fish sticks. It doesn’t ever end if you do. You can be away and still be home. I learned that when I was traveling. Unlike dad though, I could call home once a day. There were trips when I had 700 or 800 dollar phone bills but I wasn’t alone the entire trip.

There was a period though when I was gone every day for weeks on end. That had a tremendous wear and tear on me and on the kids. I suspect that time became the phone conversation time. I talked to the kids every day then. Now I am home almost every night (traveled 4 times in the last four years). The only extended trips I’ve had were North Carolina twice (with the family) and Hawaii (also with the family). If you ask me I miss being overseas but I don’t miss being alone.

On this Thanksgiving I am thankful for my family. I am thankful for the time I got to spend with my father. I am thankful for my grandparents. I am thankful for all the time I’ve spent with my mother. I am thankful for my two wonderful sisters and their families. I am thankful for my children.

Happy Thanksgiving 2015!


Family Historian

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